Losing That “Personal Touch” With Clients?

Can we talk about automation real quick?

As a coach who LOVES connecting with clients, there was definitely a fear that when I started to scale and automate my business…

I’d lose the personal touch my clients wanted and expected.

Can you relate?

The thing is, scaling (and automating) doesn’t have to mean that your business loses its personal touch – and this is something we’re hyper-focused on in my high-level coaching program because it’s one of the most critical keys for growth.

The reality is that automation allows you to create (and virtually guarantee) even more connection with your clients without burning yourself out.

So what’s the secret?

Automated reminders.

I’m talking about things like automating client emails/texts to let them know it’s time to schedule their progress check-in/measurements…

And automating tasks to your team if a client FORGETS to schedule their check-in.

These are the small details that tend to fall through the cracks as you grow and scale …

and dialing all of this in by leveraging tech is how to make it happen effortlessly.

Here are a few ideas to keep the personal touch while you scale:


Personally checking in with clients (whether it’s you or someone on your team) shows them that you truly care about them and their results. (I recommend at least monthly.)

Plus, it helps you coach your clients more effectively because you’ve got the pulse on exactly what they need.

And here’s a secret tip: If you’re doing check-ins in person or on Zoom – schedule them in the calendar for at LEAST the first 90 days out during onboarding … so you both know when they’re coming.

The beautiful thing is you can automate pretty much everything in this flow (from the reminders to the scheduling to the follow-up) with the exception of the actual check-in!


Everyone loves to hear when they’re doing a great job – and it’s important for clients to feel appreciated and recognized! Plus it’s great for motivation.

What says “personal touch” better than a hand-written card, note, or even a “random” text from you telling them to keep up the excellent work?!

As long as you thoughtfully set up your new client journey in your CRM, you’ll get your automated reminders when it’s time to send these awesome little nuggets of motivation.


Listen, if everyone had an easy time keeping their goals in focus… we’d all be out of a job!

Your clients NEED YOU to help them remember their “why” – especially when things get tough.

You know your program better than anyone, and you also probably know when clients tend to hit a rough patch or need a little extra motivation.

For instance, if you notice a lot of your coaching clients tend to lose steam around the 30-day mark … that’s a great time to schedule a goal reminder!

Instead of waiting for clients to come to you for help (or worse – drop off altogether), you can get ahead of those rough patches by automating a task to:

  • Send a handwritten card with their “why” on it at the 30-day mark, or
  • Fire off a quick motivational text on day 30 to remind them of their goals AND their why,
  • And the list goes on and on…

So…. which of these three things above need a little love and attention in your own new client onboarding flow?

If you started implementing them with your next round of clients, I guarantee you you’d get some RAVING feedback (and probably increase your client retention!).

So, what do you think? Will you implement any of these next week?

Happy scaling,

Alicia 🙂

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