Your July Business-Building Checklist

Are you ready?!

I’ve got your July business building plan here in this post!

Two quick reminders as we’re right at the halfway point in 2021…

#1. There is no better time than NOW to make HEADWAY on your goals.

And …

#2. “Consistent action creates consistent results.” – Christine Kane

The time you spend TODAY building your business will pay off into the future.

(Reminder: If you need some marketing ideas, be sure to download your copy of my Quarter 3 Marketing & Content Calendar <<

Actions & To-Do’s:

Grab a notebook or open a Google Doc, and use the checklist below as a jumping-off point to create your own version of the July checklist.
Set your priorities: What will give you the biggest payoff for your business right now?
Open your calendar and schedule time to actually DO the things on your checklist!

July Business Builder Checklist


  • Grab the Q3 Marketing & Content Calendar. Adjust it to be consistent with your niche, business, and goals. (link is above)
  • Establish Your July Goals (revenue, leads, team, clients, systems, etc.)
  • Establish Your “Front End Offer”: What’s the next step when someone reaches out to you about your program? Do you want to sign them up for a 21-day Transformation program? 5-Day Trial Pass?Get your content and fulfillment prepped and ready, so you don’t leave anything to the last minute and so nothing falls through the cracks. If you need ideas, I have a ton here.
  • July Content & Marketing Prep. Create your marketing for the month to align with your goals: list-builders, social media posts, emails, ads, etc. If you need help with this, check out my Content & Social Media Club. It’ll easily save you dozens of hours and help you finally be consistent with your marketing.Then … get that content SCHEDULED and off your list!Also, don’t forget about client referral campaigns, reactivation campaigns, and client ascension campaigns!
  • Client Testimonials, Social Proof, & Reviews. Ask a certain # of clients for testimonials/reviews (video if at all possible!). Make sure you’ve got your social proof system dialed in.


  • Create Your Time Blocks:
  • Schedule Time to Work with Clients – as well as your workouts, meals, self-care, and personal and family obligations. Include buffer time between tasks. Don’t overcommit!
  • Schedule Time to Work ON Your Business. Spend at least 1 hour a day building out/improving/updating your business’s backend (sales process, client onboarding, program delivery, etc.).
  • Each week, focus on a single business system.
  • Ideas for other systems that need updating will inevitably pop up during this process. Keep a running list so you can stay focused on the system at hand before moving on.


  • Put Together a Fun Run or Obstacle Course Team. This will build a ton of camaraderie! Get matching branded t-shirts for team members.
  • Network with Aligned Businesses. If your business is brick & mortar, check in with other nearby local businesses to introduce yourself and establish a relationship.If you’re online, you still can connect with other business owners! Find out other places your client’s shop, and what other products and services they’re investing in. Once you find some commonalities, reach out and make some connections!


  • Weekly / Monthly Team Meetings. When you’re excited about the future and all of the exciting things happening with your business, your team will be, too!Meet at LEAST monthly to keep everyone in the loop about promos, programs, schedule changes, and other happenings. This is also a good time to talk about skill development, personal growth, and anything else that can help them excel.Keep the mood upbeat so everyone leaves feeling fired up!
  • Delegate. Whenever it makes sense, show your trust by delegating tasks to your team members. Set them up for success by creating a system for those tasks (this is part of working ON your business), documenting it so they know what’s expected, and then train them to do it.

You probably won’t do EVERYTHING on that list … and you might think of other items particular to your business.

The point is to make a plan and then EXECUTE!

Let’s make it an AMAZING July!!


P.S. Ready to build solid and SCALABLE systems that’ll help you grow and scale WHILE getting out of the day-to-day (and get your life back!)? That’s what my coaching program is all about. Click HERE to schedule a call to see if it’s a good fit <<

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