Your August Business Building Checklist!

I’m writing this blog post from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville today. It is absolutely beautiful- if you haven’t been, definitely put it on your bucket list.

I used to live here about 15 years ago, but a lot has changed since then!

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Today, I’m sharing my “August Business Building Checklist” with you!

As we’ve rounded the corner and are headed into the second half of 2019, it’s a great time to step back a bit and rethink your goals.

How EXACTLY do you want to finish out the year?

What do you need to do to make that happen? And, if this month has been a quiet one in your business, do some brainstorming about what you can do NEXT YEAR so it’s busier.

Use this checklist as a starting point. You don’t have to do everything on this list – it’s just a guide, so do the things that make the most sense for you.

Focus on just ONE thing at a time – you’ll be amazed at the progress you make in just a month or two of doing this!



  • Create / Update Your August Goals. If you haven’t taken the time yet to create (and write down) your goals for August, get on it! Once you’ve got your goals, create your plan on what you need to do / delegate to make it happen. Once you’ve got your plan, plug it all in on your CALENDAR with the SPECIFIC times / days you’re going to work the plan. If it doesn’t all fit, you need to re-work your goals or plan because you’ve over-committed.
  • Create / Update at least ONE SYSTEM per week. (ex: New Client Onboarding) As you probably know, I’m all about systems! They make everything easier. Systems are just a fancy way of saying the step-by-step process you want to be followed for a specific task. Check out my list of 60 different business systems if you need a framework.
  • Review Your August Schedule as a WHOLE. Block off ALL of the important things for the month ahead (family time, your workouts, meal prep, trips, etc.) Also, don’t forget to include a little buffer time between tasks. Make sure you’ve got a healthy balance for the month ahead. Don’t overcommit.


  • Challenges & Promos: Do you have any transformation challenges or special promotions happening in Aug? What surprise “extras” can you incorporate to over-deliver and turn your prospects into raving fans? What’s your conversion plan?
  • August Marketing Prep. Schedule all of your August marketing. This includes your marketing emails, list building campaigns, Facebook ad copy, etc. Get it scheduled and ready to go!
  • August Content Prep. Write your email newsletters, create your organic social media posts, and get everything preloaded and ready to go ASAP! You can use Facebook’s internal scheduler or an app like Hootsuite to automate all of this for you.
  • Finalize August Workshop / Webinar. If you’re holding a workshop/seminar in August, get everything ready to rock for success. This is a great way to bring in leads for your business. You could focus on a fitness technique (kettlebells, HIIT training, etc.), meal planning, or you could even bring in an expert on cooking/preserving fresh veggies from gardens/farm shares.
  • Make sure you’re ready to ROCK September. September has the potential to be HUGE for your business as it tends to be one of the biggest months in the year for health and fitness. Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and it’s go time! Start laying the groundwork now if you haven’t done this yet… so you’ll be ready to reap the revenue later!


  • Monthly Client Reactivations. Contact clients who left in February and get them back in for training. Create a no-brainer offer for their first month back. Click here for my reactivation training.
  • Client Testimonials. Ask your clients for testimonials (video if possible!)


  • Give. Set up a class or event to raise $$$ for charity. Nothing brings members/clients together like a group effort for a great cause! If you work with clients online, create a 5-day challenge in your FB community – this can be on any theme that makes sense for them. You could focus on mindfulness, tracking their water, etc.
  • Connect. Visit businesses in your town/near your studio just to make a connection. Don’t worry about making sales. When people know you, they are more likely to send referrals your way.
  • Network. Try out a new networking or meetup group that gets you face-to-face with other business owners. Helpful hint: make sure the group includes local businesses and isn’t overly MLM-oriented.
  • Keep it Fresh. Are there any fall or winter conferences/events you want to attend? These are always great to stay up-to-date, meet amazing new people, and get inspired!


  • Team Meetings. Meet with your team at least once a month to help everyone feel connected and on the same page. Inspire them with your vision and plan! Talk about anything that needs to be addressed, then move on to setting goals, skill development, or personal growth.
  • Professional Development. One awesome way to boost morale is to offer a skill-building workshop. It can be on workout design, assessments, nutrition, sports training, etc.
  • Delegate (effectively). Help your team expand their skills by delegating tasks to them. Create a documented system for each task so they know exactly what’s expected (and why it’s important).

I hope you find this list helpful. It’s the steady actions done consistently over time that will keep your business moving forward.

Make the plan, work the plan, build that momentum … and have fun doing it!

Here’s to having a productive (and profitable!) month,


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