He Sold 174 People In One Month!? Here’s How….

I’ve got a pretty cool story for you today.

It’s about a guy named Joe Girard.

He’s listed in the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Greatest Salesman” for selling cars. 

During his 14-year career selling cars at a Chevrolet dealership outside of Detroit:

  • He sold 13,001 cars. That’s more than 6 per day!!
  • On his best day, he sold 18 vehicles.
  • His best month was 174 vehicles sold.
  • In his best year, he sold 1,425 cars.
  • By himself, Joe Girard sold more cars than 95% of all dealers in North America.

So how did Joe do it?

Beyond knowing how to close the deal, Joe knew the secret to sales was building a relationship.

Every month, year after year, Girard would send handwritten cards to every customer on his list. Inside they found a simple message.

Joe knew they’d need a new car one day, and he wanted to keep himself top of mind.

When they needed a new car, they went straight to Joe. And when their friends needed a new car, his customers referred them to Joe.

In this digital world we live in, writing thank you cards has become a lost art, but it should be something you do in your business regularly.

I’ve been doing this in my business for years, and it’s something we do each and every week.

Not only does it feel good to write them, but you know the person on the other end will smile when they pull your card out of their mailbox. Plus, it’ll set you FAR apart from the competition.

Running your business is all about relationships.

Yes, you’re in the business of transformation, but you’re also in the relationship business.

And writing handwritten notes to your clients and prospects is an amazing way to make them feel special, valued and important.

So… I just wanted to remind you today that it’s the small things that count in your business.

The little things go a really LONG way.

Is sending cards to your clients something you do just once in a while?

Or is it something you do regularly… week in and week out?

Maybe it’s time to consider adding this to your ongoing calendar 🙂

Just some food for thought!

Now before I head out for the day, I wanted to let you know a little about my good friend Scott Colby’s company called: Say It With Gratitude.

He helps businesses use gratitude to deepen relationships with clients which leads to increased client retention and more referrals.

He has the most BEAUTIFUL cards and you can even get them branded with your logo and business name on them.

Plus, for every purchase, Scott donates 10% to a specific charity (you’ll see the specific ones on his site, Say it With Gratitude)! So not only will you be sending out beautifully made and designed cards, but you will also be helping to make a difference in the world!

By the way- I don’t make a dime from anything you order- I just wanted to pass along something really cool that helps give back to the world!

I regularly purchase cards from Scott, and wanted to make sure you knew about his amazing company, too!

Make it an amazing (and productive) day,

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