Quick Tip To Beat The Facebook Algorithm

I’ve got some juicy info for you today about a simple shift that’ll make your social media posts even more effective.

It applies especially to posts from your Facebook page, but it also works for all of your other social profiles.

Making this one shift in your approach can:

1) make your content more relatable to your audience

2) position your content to be shared and engaged with more often

3) help you grow your organic reach as a result

Take a second to think about when and why YOU scroll through your social feeds.

Chances are you’re waiting in line somewhere or you have some time to kill – and you want to be entertained, inspired, informed, or want to see what your friends and family are up to.

Well, your audience feels the same way.

And these are the same kind of posts that are most likely to get the most engagement.

They also convey that you care and that you know what you’re talking about.

The trick is positioning your content so your target audience can easily RELATE to what you’re talking about.

Here are two examples of what I mean:

Let’s say you are posting a fitness video demonstrating a squat. Add an actionable tip …

“Does squatting hurt your back? Here’s something you can try next time…” and voila – your audience gets a helpful hint that will let them squat pain-free.

(plus- now you’re addressing a pain point, which can be even more impactful.)

Or maybe you are posting a smoothie recipe. Instead of just sharing the recipe and a pic and encouraging them to try it, try switching it up and adding something like…

“Here’s how you can shave 200 calories off your drive-through smoothie.” or “Want to learn my secret tip to shave off 200 cals from your favorite drive-through smoothie?”

You’re talking to a specific person with a SPECIFIC need.

That small shift in positioning will really set you apart on social media…

As your engagement goes up, Facebook rewards you by having your content pop up more often and on more people’s feeds.

Remember: Facebook’s algorithm now prioritizes content with a focus on “meaningful interactions.”

So that should always be on your mind when you’re creating your content.

Make it a productive day!


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