Why No One Sees Your FB Posts (and how to fix it)

I’m not even going to ask you IF this has happened to you … because it has happened to pretty much everyone.

You spend hours crafting the PERFECT POST for Instagram or Facebook …

Telling people about the amazing free “thing” you’ve created to help them.

Not only is your freebie amazing … but so is your landing page. How could anyone resist signing up to grab it!?

But then NO ONE responds to your post or opts into your freebie!

You feel a little deflated, frustrated, and wonder if it was a giant waste of your time.

Well, I’ve got some good news.

You know the saying …. It’s not you, it’s me?

Well, it’s probably NOT you. It’s Facebook.

Fact: You can’t solely rely on your posts organically reaching your target market anymore, especially those with a specific “call to action.” (Like signing up for a freebie)

Here are some new stats that might blow your mind:

  • The average engagement rate for FB posts among all business pages is ONLY 0.18%
  • The bigger your audience, the lower your average engagement rate.
  • If your page has fewer than 10,000 likes, your engagement is around 0.52%
  • If your page has more than 10,000 likes, your engagement is more like 0.10%

Social media is a “pay to play” world now.

So if you’re trying to grow your email list and build your audience by creating a freebie/opt-in (which we’ve been talking about all month), this means…

You gotta invest a little (not a lot!) of $$$ to get your FREEBIE in front of your audience!

You can make this as simple or as in-depth as you want.

And especially if you’re just getting started … go with simple.

→ Now, before I walk you through these steps, I’m assuming you’ve already got your freebie and landing page done. If you don’t, I cover that here and here.

Here’s one SIMPLE way to get the job done:

Step #1: Create a great social media post to promo your freebie. Something that speaks to your ideal audience and talks about why they NEED it.

Make sure there’s a clear call-to-action to head over to your landing page.

Step #2: Give your post some legs by BOOSTING it. (Tip: get your team members to “like” your posts and then boost them, to get even more views.) Just use the Boost button, and set your criteria and audience.

It doesn’t have to be a HUGE investment – even $1 a day (especially if it’s video) can get you some traction.

Step #3: TRACK. Are you getting opt-ins? Are people engaging on your post? Look at the data on a regular basis so you know if you’re heading in the right direction.

This is a great way to get your feet wet with advertising because you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up conversion ads or other kinds of FB ads.

I know this can seem like a LOT …

To have to create quality ebooks/freebies, landing pages, social posts, and then boost your content to get in front of new prospects – but there are resources out there that can help.

It’s exactly why I created my Content & Social Media Club – to help you simplify and streamline your entire content and marketing flow … without being “sales-y”!

It’s like having the ultimate multi-tasking virtual marketing director on your team.

The Club will help you get more quality leads … and help you educate, entertain, and convert them into clients!

If you’ve never seen the inside of the Club, you don’t know what you’re missing!

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Make it a productive day,


P.S. The stats above are hot off the press from a post by Hootsuite earlier this year.

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