Why I Revisit My Systems EVERY Month

Ever since I got obsessed with systems over a decade ago, there’s one thing I wish someone told me sooner:

Systems are NOT “set it and forget it” fixtures in your business.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that once you set up a system — like a content creation workflow, or a client check-in process — that you get to sit back and watch the magic happen on autopilot.

The reality?

Your systems are the foundation of your business, and they have to evolve as your business evolves!

My first systems were a mess of tasks, tools, and spreadsheets…

And honestly, it took time to pull it all together into a well-oiled machine.

Still, over a decade later, I revisit my systems ALL the time!

In fact, I recommend reviewing about 1-2 systems a month, so that you’re revisiting all of your most important systems on a regular basis.

Sound like a lot?

Maybe, but trying to work around outdated systems will cost you more in time, money, and energy than keeping them up to date!

Not only will that frustrate YOU, but your team and your clients will notice, too.

Even investing just an hour a week to make sure everything is still running smoothly will help you catch issues before they become problems.

So, take a look at your calendar and schedule in some regular “check-up” time for your systems — your business (and freedom) depends on it!

Make it an amazing day,


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