Are You Missing An “Easy Yes” Offer?

As someone who still LOVES to nerd out on health and fitness after all these years, I get it…

You have SO much knowledge, you know EXACTLY what could change your ideal client’s life, and you want to pour EVERYTHING that could help them into one, big comprehensive program.

But in most cases? Less is more.

When you’re passionate about what you do, it’s easy to forget that not everyone lives and breathes this stuff.

For most people, investing in a new coach or a new program is a BIG mental and emotional commitment…

Which means that offering an all-encompassing, “change your life” kind of program can feel overwhelming to a prospect who’s just trying to get a feel for your approach.

One solution is to have a no-brainer offer that feels less like a total overhaul and more like a quick win.

I’m talking about a program or resource that:

  • Eases people into your world without an overwhelming commitment
  • Tackles just ONE problem your ideal client might be facing
  • Is fairly affordable (but isn’t too far of a stretch from the price of your main offer)

And, gives your ideal client the confidence to keep moving forward.

This might look like a 28-Day Transformation Challenge like this one, or splintering off the first few weeks of your “big” program to create a light version as an easy starting point.

Whatever it is, the point is to make it — you guessed it — an easy “YES” for your new prospect.

So if prospects keep telling you they’re “not ready” or they need to “think about it” or they “can’t commit” right now, it might be time to switch gears.

And don’t worry, they’ll want to nerd out with you later! 😉

Make it an amazing day,


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