We Have Clean, Running Water In The Nigerian Village! (video inside)

I am SO excited to announce that after four long months …

We finally have clean, running water in the beautiful Nigerian village that we ran a fundraiser for earlier this year!

There were a LOT of ups and downs, but WE DID IT!

Check out the video of the fresh, clean, running water here! <<

A HUGE thank you to Bayo Adio and the drilling company who pushed through and saw this project through to completion.

The terrain was VERY difficult to drill on – and at one point, after an entire month of work …

they couldn’t get their drill back out of the earth.

But instead of picking up and leaving (like all of the previous companies did) …

they stuck with it and started AGAIN.

This new water source is now providing clean water to about 300 people who didn’t have it before.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed and supported our efforts to bring clean water to this incredible village.

And more good news … we’re just getting started 🙂

Make it an amazing day,


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