Want At Least ONE New Client Next Month?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been giving you tips for improving your lead follow-ups…

So now that we’re headed into May, here are a few BONUS tips for you to land at least one new (or returning!) client before the month ends:

1. Take a look at your email stats. See who keeps clicking through to your sales page but hasn’t signed up yet, and send them a personal email letting them know you saw them checking out the sales page.

Ask if they have any questions or if they’d like to chat over the phone or Zoom!

2. Run a 72-hour promo this weekend to your audience with a special incentive to join your program. Most coaches worry that they’re selling “too much” — but the reality is that they haven’t sent a focused marketing campaign to their list in months (or ever!).

If you want help with this, we have a Fast Cash Promo Pack inside of Content Club that gives you 8 different copy-and-paste campaigns to choose from!

3. The end of the month is a great time to reconnect with past clients or anyone who’s “thinking about it”. Your script?

“Hey [NAME], wanted to follow up with you before we fill up for May — I know you were thinking about doing [PROGRAM NAME] so I saved a spot for you. Can you confirm if you’ll be joining us? Thanks!”

Perfect icebreaker, right?

From here, implement one of these or all of these this week (I recommend all!) and let me know how it goes.

You got this!


P.S. If you find yourself scrambling for clients at the end of every month, Content Club gives you a system to grow your audience, stay top of mind, and invite your leads to work with you consistently. Go here if you’re ready to scale!

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