What Tom Brady Spends 20% Of His Day Doing

Tomorrow is a brand new month.

Most coaches are already setting their May goals and updating their strategies and game plan…

But have you reviewed the last 30 days?

A couple of years ago, ESPN interviewed Tom Brady and he said he spends 4-5 hours per DAY reviewing game film…

Not practicing…

Not working out…

Reviewing his performance.

That’s 20% of his entire day!

You don’t need to go that far, but before you start looking ahead at next month, ask yourself:

What’s going well?
Which of your offers resonated most with new leads?
Which marketing efforts fell flat?
What are some of the common objections coming up on sales calls?
What content is working best right now?
What systems do you need to improve?
There isn’t a top performer on this planet who doesn’t relentlessly review their work…

So if you’re not already making this a practice every month, every quarter, or even every week, start now.

Make it an amazing day,


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