Launching ELEV8 DAILY for Coaches!

We’ve been working on this new project for MONTHS behind-the-scenes… and we’re finally ready to make the BIG REVEAL!

Drum roll….🥁

It’s our BRAND NEW daily newsletter called Elev8 Daily, and in a nutshell, you’ll get bite-sized daily insights on mindset, marketing, and growth strategies to help you (a driven and passionate coach) stay at the top of your game.

It’s something we planned on charging for…

…but scrapped that idea because you’re out there changing the world, and these insights are too valuable not to be in your toolbox.

I thought we’d pull back the curtain and give you an inside look at what you’re about to get from us (starting June 12th!).

Let’s dive right in 🌊


2 mins or less. A tiny thought or idea to help shift perspective and elevate your business and life… that doubles as a powerful message you can share with your clients to help them reach their goals.


5 mins or less. Mental models, proven frameworks, and actionable strategies to help you grow & scale your coaching business.


2 mins or less. A handpicked collection of the week’s top 3-5 STANDOUT pieces of content to inspire, educate, and keep you hyper-focused on your goals.


2 mins or less. An actionable, “take-my-money” kind of marketing & conversion tip to help you sign up more clients TODAY.


2 mins or less. Swipe this week’s ChatGPT Coaching Biz prompt to strap rocket boosters to your business and sharpen your competitive edge.

» ELEV8 DAILY is going to be a 3-month newsletter experiment. 🔬 

If all goes well and you’re loving it, we’ll keep it going!

But we’ll need your feedback… so don’t be shy and keep us posted with what you think.

Now you’ve got a lay of the land.

Lots of exciting things coming your way!

Grateful for the opportunity to jam with you on this journey… where we’ll all be leveling up, one day at a time.

Make it an amazing day,

Alicia 🚀

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