This Works Better Than A Sales Pitch

Imagine this scenario with me for a second…

You’re scrolling through your email inbox and you’re seeing sales pitch after sales pitch (not hard to imagine, right?).

Your eyes are glazing over and you’re just about to click out of your inbox, but then…

You see a story.

A REAL story.

One about how someone just like you achieved the goals YOU want to achieve.

That email has your full attention now, right? Of course it does!

… And THAT is the power of a case study.

9 times out of 10, case studies — not sales pitches — will get your ideal client scrambling over to your application or sign-up page to work with you.

Why? Because people don’t buy products or services…

They buy RESULTS.

Now, you might hear “case study” and imagine that you have to write a big, long story.

You don’t!

Here’s a simple outline you can use if you want to share a case study in one of your next emails:

Highlight the challenge your client was facing before they started your program and mention any hesitations they had about starting something new (something your current prospects might be thinking or going through).

Describe their turning point during your time together — when did things click and what about your approach made that turning point easy to reach?

Finish off by highlighting their big result! For example, “By the end of our time together, [CLIENT] lost 23 lbs. and fell in love with lifting heavy weights!” (even better if you can get a direct quote from them).

This doesn’t have to be long, and (pro tip!) you can tease this whole thing out from ONE great client testimonial.

Try this and let me know how it works for you!

Make it an amazing day,


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