Let’s Win Back Those Lost Sales, Shall We?

Quick tip…

Ever heard of a 2-step checkout?

If not, here’s why you’ll want to add one to ALL of your order pages if you can…

A 2-step checkout is when you go to a checkout page, and you have to submit your primary information (think name & email) BEFORE you get to the billing portion.

Why is that extra step so important?

Because when a potential client submits their name and email address on your checkout form, you can follow up with them if they leave your checkout without buying!

This is called an “abandoned cart” sequence, and it’s an easy way to recover lost sales.

In fact, one of my abandoned cart sequences has recovered over 36.36% of lost sales over the last 4+ years.

Even if you only win back 3 out of every 10 people who leave your checkout page (which is totally reasonable!), that’s 30% more sales without adding any extra traffic or ad spend.

In other words, creating a 2-step checkout is a small tweak for a BIG reward.

Most abandoned cart sequences are just 3-4 emails, which can look like:

  • One email to remind lost prospects to come back and complete their purchase
  • One email to remind them of the benefits of whatever they were about to buy, and address any objections
  • And one final email offering a small incentive (like a percentage off their purchase, a trial, or reminding them of your money-back guarantee) to wrap things up.

It takes a little bit of up-front work to write your sequence and hook it up, but the payoff is worth it!

Now go get those sales 🙂

Make it an amazing day,


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