This One Thing Can Boost Your Profits By More Than 25%

I hope you’re having an amazing day! I’ve got a message today about how overdelivering can make a huge impact on your business.

Overdelivering – giving your clients MORE than they expected, or wowing with amazing service – is a surefire way to boost your retention rates. This is SO important!

According to the marketing research company Invesp, it can cost 5 times more to get a new customer than keep an old one.

Not only that, but boosting your retention rates can also raise your profits by more than 25% (and as much as 95%).

The subject of overdelivering came to mind this week because of something that happened to ME on a hot August afternoon several years ago.

I drove home from my workout and got the mail… and when I went to opened my front door, there was a package waiting for me in the entryway.

It was totally unexpected, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out WHO would send me a package or what it could be.

Then I saw the return address… and the box was from a coach I’d just started working with.

I threw the rest of the mail on the table and immediately tore the package open. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like getting a surprise package in the mail?

The box contained a book the coach had mentioned to me on a recent call, plus a handwritten note on a nice card: “This is one of my favorite books. I hope you enjoy it!”

It’s been several years since that happened, and I still remember everything about it.

In fact, every time I look at the book (a John Maxwell classic!), I smile. The book wasn’t expensive – just a paperback – but it reinforced a lesson that has proven invaluable in my own business.

And yes, you guessed it – it has to do with “going the extra mile” by overdelivering whenever possible.

Small gifts – especially unique gifts, specifically tailored just for them – are a great way to do this!

In this email I am going to go over some unique gift ideas to get your wheels turning, so you can think about ways to overdeliver to YOUR clients.

These gifts do NOT have to be expensive.

In fact, small, thoughtful gifts – like the book my coach sent me! – can be incredibly meaningful, and show that you LISTEN and CARE.

It’s all about the Golden Rule – treating others as YOU would want to be treated. That goes a long way in business, too 

Here’s something to think about! People love surprises in the mail so much that they actually sign up for subscription boxes (like FabFitFun).

Some obvious times to send cards or gifts include birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. (You’re tracking all these on a client spreadsheet, right?!)

But other occasions can be a perfect time to show your clients how much you appreciate them. Here are just a few:

  • Promotions at work
  • Reaching milestones in their fitness journey
  • New home
  • Life event – celebrate a new baby, a marriage/engagement, a child’s wedding, or a new grandchild
  • Got a new dog, cat, or pet
  • Just because! If you know they are going through a tough time, or if you want to show your gratitude for their thoughtfulness toward you.

The key to giving your members gifts is to LISTEN … just as you would with a family member or loved one! And then follow their cues when it comes to things that would have meaning to them.

Some ideas …

Personal – Etsy makes it super easy to send one-of-a-kind personalized gifts – from water bottles, T-shirts and monogrammed kitchen utensils and towels, you can find something for everyone! Many sellers also offer free shipping.

Helpful – If your client is jammed with work or home responsibilities, consider sending them a gift card for healthy takeout food. Or if you know they are trapped at home with sick kids, think about sending them a meal via home delivery.

Thoughtful – A personalized journal or planner is a unique gift that they will use every day, especially if it’s easy to use, like the 5 Minute Journal. You can even find some of these on Etsy.

Inspirational – Books are a GREAT resource … but so is gifting an Audiobook! If you know they have a specific area of interest or you’ve been talking with them about a particular topic, send them an audio version of a related book so they can listen any time.

Surprising – If you are handy with tools, crafts, or in the kitchen, consider whipping up something you know they would use or enjoy.

Minimalist – Don’t overlook the power of sending a nice card (in the mail!) with a personal message or one of your favorite quotes.

Here’s a surprising gift-giving tip to keep in mind…

Think about items that have staying power vs. something that’s used just once. That way, your gift will be a reminder for months (or maybe years!) to come, vs. something that’s used just once and tossed.

Overdelivering will set your business apart in the best way possible, and help you create clients for life!

Make it a productive day,

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