The ROI Of An Engaged Email List ✨

There are two types of coaches…


1️⃣ One only emails their list when there’s a sale or a launch going on…

2️⃣ And the other emails at least once or twice per week.

Can you guess which one generates more sales?

Yeah, it’s the second one.

Here’s the thing…

Even though “nurture emails” that aren’t pushing any products or services FEEL like they’re not making you any money…

They are.

When you email your list regularly, people get into the habit of opening your emails, looking forward to them, and trusting you more.

That means when you DO send a promo…

It’s likely to do better.

In fact, on average, email marketing still generates a $36 return for every $1 spent!

That’s a 36X return on investment…

  • Which means it pays to have an engaged email list!
  • If you’re struggling to think of what to write to your email list every week, think about:
  • What objections or limiting beliefs your ideal client needs to address to be ready for your higher ticket offers… and turn them into email topics

What’s working for you on your personal health, fitness, or wellness journey that you could share with your audience (apps you love, recipes you’re making lately, etc.)

What free digital resources you could share with them to help them get better results (cheat sheets, checklists, etc.)

Simple, right?

Don’t overthink it…

Just send 1-2 emails each week to stay top of mind!

(If you need help, Content Club gives you done-for-you newsletters you can customize to fit your niche and offers!)

So… do you have your emails already scheduled for this week? If you don’t, block off some time on your calendar to get it done — I promise it’ll be worth it!

Make it an amazing day,


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