Email Subject Lines That Get OPENED 🙌

Ever feel like you’re sending emails into an empty void because no one is opening them?

Writing emails that get opened is both a science and an art…

And it all begins and ends with your SUBJECT LINE.

Think of it this way…

Your subject line is like the cover of a book or the title of an article.

Either it grabs your audience’s attention so they want to read more…

Or it doesn’t and they scroll right by.

Want a few tips to make your subject lines more clickable?

Here are five!:

  1. Keep it short + snappy. Most people read their emails on their phones, so you don’t have much space to work with! Keep your subject lines to 40 characters or less, and you’re golden.
  2. Infuse subject lines with curiosity. Now, this doesn’t mean to be clickbaity and misleading — but it DOES mean your subject line needs to have a little *mystery* to make people want to click. In marketing this is called “opening the loop.” So if you think of your email as a full-circle thought, your subject line “opens the loop” and your email and call-to-action “close the loop.”
  3. Always think about “what’s in it for them.” Your reader is subconsciously scanning EVERYTHING with the mindset of “what’s in this for me?” So, when in doubt, lean towards a benefit-driven headline, a “how to”, or a “you” statement (like “are you making this mistake?”) so it catches their eye.
  4. Use numbers or lists. Numbers stand out in an inbox, and people love the quick & easy “scannability” of a list. Think “3 must-have keto recipes” or “5 newbie gym mistakes.”
  5. Make it conversational. While you should always keep it professional, your emails are more likely to get opened if they sound like they’re coming from a well-meaning friend versus a “brand.” That means you don’t need to capitalize every word (unless it’s the name of your program), and the tone should lean more casual than formal.

Want a bonus tip?

Keep an eye out for what works with YOUR audience!

Start tracking your best-performing subject lines and see what you can learn from them…

You might see that certain angles get more attention than others, or that your audience doesn’t care about lists, or whatever it might be.

The only way to know is to email frequently and TEST! 🤓

Make it an amazing day,


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