Productivity “Hack” To Get Out Of Overwhelm….

Happy FRIDAY! I’ll keep today short and sweet…

Since it’s Friday, it’s my “back-of-the-house” day. (this means my entire day is dedicated to content creation and content review.

If you missed my post earlier this week about front-of-the-house vs. back-of-the-house… check it out here. It’s game-changing stuff.

So are you ready for my #1 Productivity Hack for getting out of overwhelm?

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

FIRST: You have 5,102,068,038 things to do as a business owner.

SECOND: You have 5,102,068,038 things on your “to do list” today.

THIRD: You take a look at that list, and are like…

Before you know it, it’s the end of the day and NOTHNG has gotten done.

That’s because when you look at the million and one things you have to do, your brain subconsciously realizes that there’s WAY too much to do and that there’s no way you can’t get it all done.

So you FORCE yourself to try to move forward anyway…

But you end up avoiding the most important things you should be working on…

  • Maybe knocking some smaller (not-important) things off the list,
  • Maybe randomly scrolling through Facebook or YouTube,
  • or even worse, ending up binging Netflix on the couch while you avoid work altogether.

Before you know it, it’s the end of the day and you still have the same 5,102,068,038 things to do tomorrow.

Sound like a winning formula? #nope

Try this instead.

When you look at all of your to-do’s on one piece of paper, everything carries equal weight! They ALL look like a priority…..

But they are NOT. Not even close.

There are definitely things on your list that are WAY more important and will create WAY more leverage than others.

You MUST do those things first.

Sure, I have my “project list” and all of the things that could keep me busy for the next 4 years on it.

But if I looked at that task list daily, I’d shut down.


So here’s the hack…

For your current project / most important thing you’re working on RIGHT NOW, pick the #1 thing you need to do to move it forward, and put it on a SEPARATE piece of paper.

Next, put away the rest of your list. Gone. See ya later.

Forget about your other list- it’s not serving you in ANY WAY at this moment once you’ve made a decision about what to focus on RIGHT NOW.

That list is now a distraction.

Go get that one thing done.

Sound simple enough? It IS.

Simple gets done.

Complex and 5,102,068,038 things at a time, don’t.

So instead of losing your mind, getting frustrated, and not getting anything done… you get that “thing” done, and you’re like:

Now…. go get that ONE thing done, whatever it is.

Make it a productive day,

P.S. If you’re struggling in your fitness business and can’t get out of the day-to-day, let me HELP YOU! We can sort through your project list, prioritize, and make sure you have a clear strategy and marketing plan to hit your goals without the stress.

My coaching program is specifically designed for fitness business owners who have a brick and mortar facility or boot camp. If you’re interested in learning more to see if it’s a good fit, hop on over to Fit Pro Accelerator and schedule a call with me so I can fill you in on the details.

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