Stop Talking, Start Doing

That was the name of a book I walked past at the airport on my way home from California.

Caught my eye: “Stop Talking, Start Doing – A Kick in the Pants in 6 Parts.”

So I picked it up and read this on the first page:

Stop Talking Start Doing

No more “doing for the sake of doing.”

Jim Kwik says that the average person has 60,000 thoughts that run through your head EVERY DAY…

and that 95% of the thoughts you have today, you had yesterday, and the day before that, and you’ll have tomorrow.

That is INCREDIBLE to me…and here’s why it matters….

Your actions are created by your THINKING.

If you don’t change your THINKING, your actions, habits, and patterns will never change.

This goes for us in our businesses, and also for our clients who are trying to reach their goals.

So- YOUR (and MY) challenge is to take a hard look at our 60,000 daily thoughts, and start creating a true SHIFT in what you think about.

Literally begin changing the way you talk to yourself.

If you’re not where you want to be, this likely has everything to do with it.

I AM: the two most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.”

Time to get inside your head and reprogram your self-talk to support your growth and path to success.

YOUR definition of Success- not anyone else’s.

We talk to our clients about this all the time. Let’s do this for ourselves.

Live with intention.

Alicia 🙂

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