Complete Checklist For Hiring New Trainers

Hiring a new trainer is like adding a new family member to your team.

At Forte Fitness, we have an 8-week internship that all new trainers must complete before they’re considered for a position.

During the first week, they experience our program as a client, and they are indoctrinated with our mission, core values, and vision as a company.

Over the course of the next 7 weeks, they gain more and more responsibility and meet for weekly coaching sessions where they learn exactly how we: train our clients, perform FMS screens, guide our clients with nutrition, hold our clients accountable, etc.cf

Each week has a practical component with specific requirements and a study component with required reading.

They are trained to know every aspect of our company and how and why we do it.

At the end of their 8-weeks, ideally we hire them on as a trainer if it’s a good fit.

Making sure you’ve got the right system in place to onboard your new staff will not only show them you’ve got all of your ducks in a row, but it will ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

We keep a binder for each staff member, and in the front is this checklist:

Trainer Name:

Hire Date:

Mandatory Trainer Docs:

  • Signed Mission & Core Values Sheet
  • Signed Fitness Code of Conduct
  • Signed Non-Compete
  • Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Signed last page of “Expectation Manual(s)”
  • Signed Opportunities (Compensation) Sheet
  • Signed No-Show Policy
  • Signed Equipment Agreement
  • Signed Emergency Action Plan Doc
  • Signed tax docs

Trainer has Received Training & Understands:

  • Boot Camp Instructor Expectations Manual (if necessary)
  • Personal Trainer Expectations Manual (if necessary)
  • Copy of Job Description
  • Copy of Quarterly Evaluation
  • Payroll Protocol for Trainers
  • Daily / Weekly / Quarterly Responsibility Checklist
  • Zen Planner Training (How to check in a client, etc.)
  • Trainer Resources Link (access to all of our programs, workouts, meal plans, etc)
  • Inventory Tracking Sheet
  • Boot Camp Workouts Checklist
  • Personal Training Client Checklist
  • Forte FMS Doc Special
  • Considerations for Pregnancy Doc
  • Extra Camper Sign-In Sheets
  • Extra Client Forms:
    • Measurement Sheet
    • Liability Waivers
    • Health History Forms
    • Client Culture Agreement

Other Docs:

  • Interview Questionnaire
  • Resume
  • Letters of reference


  • Current Copy of CPR/First Aid
  • Training Certification(s) and expiration dates:
    • Cert/Exp Date: 
    • Cert/Exp Date: 
    • Cert/Exp Date: 
    • Cert/Exp Date: 

I hope this list helps you to fill in any gaps that you may be missing in your new-hire process…

or at least gets your wheels turning with a few new ideas!

Make it a productive day 🙂


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