Seeking Feedback VS. Validation

You know that feeling when you’ve poured your heart into a program, only to get feedback that isn’t exactly… glowing? Yep, I’ve been there too.

I remember when I first launched my coaching program, Fit Pro Accelerator. It was an 8-week “high-ticket” program. Well, I worked SO hard to over-deliver. It had WAY too much content in it, and it ended up being overwhelming for clients.

But I didn’t realize that until someone said to me… “Ohhh… it’s the 8-week coaching program that should be 52 weeks!” (Needless to say, I made the program 16 weeks and trimmed out a lot of the fat!)

The good news is, feedback — whether it’s wrapped in a shiny bow or has a little bite to it — is PURE GOLD for your business.

No, it’s not always easy to hear…

And sometimes, it’s hard to ask because you don’t want to know the answer!

But here’s the reframe that makes it feel like less of a personal attack: seek feedback, NOT validation.

When you’re seeking validation, anything less than a stellar review will sting.

But when you’re genuinely asking for feedback and looking for ways to improve, it feels less personal.

To do that, start asking more specific questions…

For example, if you’re working with a new client or ran your first training inside a new beta program, you might be tempted to ask, “What did you think?

Instead, ask questions like:

  • “Was there any part of this training that felt unclear?”
  • “What do you want to see more of?”
  • “What were you hoping to see that you didn’t see here?”

You still might not love what you hear, but posing questions in this way can make the answers feel more objective and make it easier to detach your feelings from them.

Another piece of advice?

Take all feedback — both good and bad — with a grain of salt.

When you’re working with people, it’s hard to please everybody.

That means when you get your feedback, look for themes, not individual opinions.

If multiple people mention a similar point of confusion or desire, it might be worth looking into. If it’s just one outlier, it’s probably not worth changing your entire approach!

So, lean into it, embrace the feedback, and remember it’s all about GROWTH — not perfection.

Make it an amazing day,


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