How To 10x Your Photo Game On Social…

I’ve got a pretty cool social media tip for you today.

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Alright, so let’s get into that social media tip…

This one is guaranteed to make a BIG difference in the quality of your images.

Pics are SO important on social media. I mean, Instagram is BUILT on photos.

When you scroll through your feed, it’s the photo or image that catches your attention so you actually stop to read the post.

Your prospects and potential clients are no different!

Even if you have the BEST content in the world, if it’s posted with a (let’s be honest) crappy pic, chances are your posts aren’t going to get the attention they deserve.

Here’s how to 10x your photo game on social media… with very little effort!

It is all about your LIGHTING.

I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy one of those “soft light” rings or set up studio lights. (Although if you want to pick up one of the rings, they’re totally worth it!)

What I am going to talk about is the power of NATURAL light to make your photos shine!

With the cameras in our smartphones these days, that’s usually all you need to take a great picture.

Natural light – especially “soft” natural light – can make colors more vibrant, your images crystal clear … and (bonus!) it can even be a great filter!

Here are a few great tips:

  1. Make sure you’re FACING the light source, vs. having it behind or beside you. That will allow light to bounce off your subject – naturally illuminating it – instead of creating shadows.
  2. If you’re inside, stand facing a window, so that light is slightly filtered. Harsh light is not your friend! If you have to squint, the lighting is too bright.
  3. If you’re outside, try standing in the shade instead of direct sun. Outdoor light is more difficult to control, so you’ll want to try facing different directions and see what looks best. Remember: gentle light is usually best!
  4. Many smartphones now let you adjust the exposure (how much light is let into the lens). For example, on an iPhone, if you tap your phone screen to focus your photo on a certain spot, you can then swipe up or down to let in/keep out light.
  5. If your phone offers HDR (high-density resolution), definitely use it to improve the lighting. Tip: double-check your phone’s settings to make sure your phone’s HDR settings are enabled.
  6. Many phones now have a portrait mode that blurs the background and sharpens the foreground, making for amazing pix. If yours does, experiment with it!

If all of that sounds too complicated, here’s something else to try:

Over the next couple of days, take a few minutes to play around with your phone’s camera so you can see how the light behaves in different spots in your studio/training/office space at various times of the day.

For example, if I am taking shots in the late afternoon, there’s one window in my office that has amazing light, but it isn’t so great earlier in the day.

That’s no big deal though because I have another spot just outside my back door that’s perfect in the morning.

Once you get to know your space and the way light moves through it during the day, you’ll be able to know exactly when and where to take your pics (and video), depending on the time of day.

That little bit of effort can set you apart on social media and make your content really stand out.

Another thing that will help you stand out is to post CONSISTENTLY across all your platforms.

You’ll show that you’re the expert in your field and that you care about your community. You’ll also have “front of mind” awareness when people think of health and fitness… and, when you do it correctly, it creates a steady stream of new prospects and clients!

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I hope you have an amazing and productive day – and I’d love to see some of your amazing photos when you post them online!


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