Phone Call Follow-Up Sequence For Transformation Challenges…

Any time you run a transformation challenge, there are a LOT of things you need to consider:

  • marketing and getting people in to your challenge
  • creating the material, guidelines, recipes, etc.
  • delivering an INCREDIBLE experience and getting results
  • signing up prospects for ongoing membership now that they’ve experienced your program

Once you’ve got people signed UP for your Challenge, your next step is to deliver an incredible experience so they sign up for ongoing membership.

However, I see WAY too many trainers and fitness business owners who drop the ball on follshutterstock_phone-follow-upow-up!!

Consistent follow-up can mean going from 20% of new challengers signing for ongoing membership to 80% or more.

To make sure you’re not in the 20% group this year, I want to share a simple follow-up sequence you can use to help convert MORE people into membership….

Example: a 28-day Challenge follow-Up Sequence would look like this:


  • After all participants have received access to their challenge, give them a call 2-3 days before their “Start” day to see if you can answer any questions and make sure they have everything they need to get started.

Week 1: 

  • First Check-In Call:  Call the day AFTER their first class.  Tell them how great they did in their workout, ask how they are feeling and how they are doing with their meal plan, and see if you can answer any questions.
  • Other Call: If you have people that signed up but have NOT attended class by Wed/Thurs of the first week, give them a call to check-in and make sure they’re doing ok.  Address any issues, and get them to commit to at least 1 class before the end of that first week.

Week 2: 

  • Check-In Call: See how they are doing, answer questions, reinforce how amazing they are doing, remind them of important dates, etc.
Week 3: 
  • Schedule Success Session Call: Cover the same week 2 check-in call items, and also schedule a 1-1 Success Session during week 4 where you will sit down with them to talk about their results and sign them up for ongoing membership.  (this is basically the same as your sales presentation).

Week 4:

  • Call to confirm their appointment the day before their scheduled Success Session
  • Complete your Success Sessions with non-members and sign them up for ongoing membership!


  • Send a survey to all participants about their experience.  This is a great opportunity to grab quotes for testimonials as also find out how you can improve for the next challenge.

It’s not complicated, but it WORKS.

Make sure to block out time in your schedule (or have your assistant block out time) to make these calls during your challenges!

If you’re looking for done-for-you transformation plans that you can plug and play into your business, I’ve got 3 of my most successful plans available:

  1. 28-Day Transformation Challenge 
  2. 6-Week Little Black Dress Project
  3. 10-Day Detox

Hope this follow-up sequence helps you to deliver an even better experience for your prospects and leads to more conversions in your business!

Alicia 🙂

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