FEO Flow Charts & Follow Up Process

Follow-Up is one of the MOST important ongoing tasks in your business.

If you have no follow-up, you have no sales.  

It takes 6-8 follow-up touches to make a sale (according to SalesForce on 4/15.)

Unfortunately, MOST business owners don’t have a system to track leads, and they end up falling through the cracks.  

This leads to THOUSANDS of dollars in lost revenue.  

If you don’t have a way to track leads yet, make sure to opt-in for my Productivity Tools where I share my FREE lead tracking template.  

Once you’ve got a way to track your leads, you need to know how and when to follow-up with them! 

Below, I’m going to share the EXACT flow charts we used to follow-up with our leads for our Front-End Offers.  

Our FEO’s could include anything from a 7-day Jump Start Program to a 28-day or 6 week transformation challenge. 

The process is different if the price point is higher or lower than $97.  

Feel free to swipe this entire process or adjust it to fit the needs of your business!  

If the prospect does NOT sign up for the FEO, you’ll have their email address so you can place them in an automated nurture sequence.  

If you don’t already have scripts for the calls and emails, block off a few hours to get this done.

Systems will become the engine for your business over time.  

Get it done once, and it’ll save you an incredible amount of time, energy, and money.  

Below are the flow charts…I hope they help you in your business!  

Make it an INCREDIBLE 2016! 

Flow Cart #1:  For FEO’s UNDER $97

FEO Follow-Up under 97

Flow Cart #2:  For FEO’s OVER $97

FEO Follow-up over 97

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