Resource Roundup!

February has come to an end and, as usual, the year is flying by!

Are you on track for reaching your goals in 2017? After all, we’re already one sixth of the way through already!

I’ve been working hard on cranking out content for two big presentations, a new webinar, and have been building and tweaking the systems in my own online business.

I also took some time off to ski (and attempt snowboarding) a couple of weeks ago in Park City, Utah.

I’m also celebrating this month because I just hired my first full-time employee for Fit Pro Essentials. Pretty exciting because:

a.  I LOVE my team- they are like family to me
b.  My productivity is about to quadruple

Because there was a ton of killer content and freebies over the last few weeks, I wanted to round them up in one spot for you to make sure you didn’t miss anything that could be important for you in your business.

1.  Need a vacation? Taking time away from your business and technology isn’t only a good idea, it’s a NECESSITY. Click HERE to read my 3 STRATEGIES for making your business vacation-proof! <—

2.  Are the recurring tasks in your biz sucking the life out of you?  Learn how to ID & eliminate the time sucks in your fitness biz! <—

3.  Are you creating systems in your biz but have no idea how to keep those suckers organized and up to date?  Here’s how I organize the systems in my fitness biz and keep them current. <—

4.  Want to get ahead of the game for tax season?  Check out my 2017 fitness business tax report checklist to make sure you’re filing the forms you need to!

5.  Need some inspiration for your workout playlist for yourself or your clients!? Check out the “Challenge of the Week” we’ve got going on over in my 8,000 strong Facebook Group for fitness pros! Over 150 awesome songs have been shared so far <—-

Hope all of that helps you MASSIVELY in your fitness business! Also- I’ve got a few great things cookin’ for March for ya including:

– How to run more effective team meetings
My favorite new tool in my business (that will save you loads of time)
– How to construct your welcome package
Breakdown of the important KPI’s (key performance indicators) and numbers you need to be tracking in your business
– & of COURSE, my updated sample 2017 Quarter 2 Marketing calendar 🙂

Anything else you want to see on my list for March?! Let me know in a comment below!!! 

Make it a productive day,

P.S. You probably know by now that I’m ALL about systems. Systems allow you to create leverage….which creates FREEDOM (time AND money).  If you need systems and you realize that NOT having them is the bottleneck in your business…..then I have something that could be perfect for you. 

I’m opening 10 spots in my 8-week Systems Coaching Program for March… for driven, action-taking fitness pros. It’s designed specifically for fitness businesses that work in-person with their clients.  You can check it out and apply right here: www.FitProAccelerator.com

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