[One of My Fav Tools] How To Use Lastpass In Your Fitness Business

If you’re anything like me, your fitness business is your baby.

You’ve grown it from the ground up…and your business is way more than just something that produces an income.  

It’s creating an impact, it’s something you’re insanely passionate about, and it’s an extension of who you are and the mark you want to leave on the world.   

We’re all really particular about how things need to get done.  Because of this, we’re all really careful about who we let into our inner circle and who we share our data with.

I love to share tech tools that have allowed me to delegate with confidence. Even though I had a stellar team and solid systems, online security still freaked me out.

As my business expanded, how could I ensure that all my online assets and platforms were protected?

Enter…. Lastpass! Are you using this yet!?  

It has been around for a little while, but I recently started using it and absolutely LOVE IT. 

Lastpass was the missing link that finally gave me FULL confidence that my team can rock my systems in my absence.  

I also know that everything they do is 100% SECURE!


If you get onboard with Lastpass, your Lastpass password is the LAST password you will ever have to remember!  

And…it’s TOTALLY FREE.  

Here’s how it works.  Start by creating a Lastpass account and downloading the Google Chrome extension for easy access.

Now, for every password you enter online moving forward, you’ll be asked if you’d like to save it to Lastpass. If you say yes, Lastpass will autofill your password every time you return to the website.

This means that for every website you use in your biz on a daily basis, Lastpass allows you to save your passwords to a Vault that can be shared with your team with varying degrees of privacy and security.

But my favorite feature has to be the Lastpass app. Now, I can access any password I need or share it with my team, even if I’m on vacation or miles away from a computer. Simple, secure delegation for the win!


This is, by far, the most valuable feature of Lastpass if you’re working with a team in your fitness business. For every password you share with your team, you can decide if the password is visible or if it appears as a string of circles.

Lastpass allows your team to enter passwords and access your biz assets online without actually knowing your password. They literally can’t pass along your passwords to anyone else, and it’s 100% secure.

If you trust your team to share access to your platforms with subcontractors, they’re able to pass access along safely and securely via Lastpass. But if you prefer to be the only one to share passwords, you can make sure that your passwords are only shareable from your own Lastpass account.


Is anyone else guilty of using the same 2-3 passwords for every single website & subscription online? I know I used to be, and it totally freaks me out looking back on it!

The great thing about Lastpass is that it allows you to encrypt every single password you save to your Vault.

What was once your hometown and date of birth is now a string of 9 random numbers and letters … different for every single one of the websites you save.

And for the most paranoid of you out there — you can generate a new encrypted password with the click of a button every single day, if your heart desires.

Here’s the link to their site (not an affiliate link- just wanted to share this awesome tool!): www.lastpass.com

Now over to you: what’s your current system for organizing and sharing passwords in your fitness biz?

Do you feel like you have your fitness business passwords on lockdown?

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