How To Organize The Systems In Your Fitness Biz & Keep Them Current

Are you tired of being a slave to your fitness business?

Have you realized that systems are the only way to start streamlining and delegating — so that you’re no longer the bottleneck in your biz?

If you’re anything like me, you reached a breaking point in your fitness business. You could no longer manage all the working pieces on your own. So you started putting some systems in place that allowed you to delegate.

But, like me, you’re probably realizing two things about systems:

  1. They only make life easier if they’re organized and easy to find
  2. They are living, breathing documents

That’s right. There’s nothing about systems creation that allows you to “set it and forget it.” These babies are the foundation of your fitness biz, and they have to evolve as your business evolves!

Here are my tips for organizing your systems and keeping them current.


The first systems I created for my business were a hodgepodge of the first tasks I delegated to my (then) new assistant. They were a huge mix of systems from across my fitness business and, to be honest, it took me a while to land on the perfect overarching structure to keep them organized.

Take a look at the current systems you’ve created for your fitness biz.

Which systems go together? If you have systems for onboarding new clients, requesting client testimonials, and reactivating old clients, they all belong under the CLIENT SYSTEMS category.

What about systems for staff evaluations, staff scheduling, and managing team meetings? You just identified a new category: STAFF SYSTEMS!


Once you’ve identified the main systems categories in your fitness biz, it’s time to create a master checklist. This checklist should contain every, single system in your business (even the ones you haven’t gotten around to documenting yet!)

Sound like an ordeal? I’ve already done it for you (you’re welcome!)

Grab my FREE Fit Pro Systems Checklist to steal my structure and implement it in your own fitness biz!

This checklist should provide a space for you to keep track of which systems have been created, which are in progress, which need to be created, and which ones need a facelift.

But it should also serve as your systems “table of contents.” Whether you use Google Drive or Dropbox, your master checklist should allow you to immediately identify where each system lives in your overall business.


Womp womp. I know.

But hear me out on this!

Your fitness biz is NOT a static entity. It’s flexible, it accommodates change, it evolves! If you created your client onboarding system two years ago, I’m willing to bet that one or two steps in that systems have changed since then! What does that mean?

It means that even though you have a system for client onboarding, it isn’t a system you can delegate because it isn’t up to date.

To make sure all of your systems are “prepped for delegation” and that you are flexible to “hire & fire” with ease – you and your team should be reviewing the systems you’re each responsible for every.damn.month. Like clockwork.

I recommend reviewing about 1 system a week.  (Depending on what needs to be done, it could take 5 minutes or could take a couple of hours.)

You’d be surprised how often you change things up (however slightly) and how quickly systems can become irrelevant without a little TLC.

Feel like you need more support than one checklist template can provide?

Click here for my proven step-by-step method for creating systems in your Fitness Business <—-

Now over to you…

How do you keep your systems organized and up to date?  I’d love to hear if you have another strategy for keeping things current!

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