My Top 5 “Swipe Folders” (must-read)

Oh, this is going to be GOOD…

Yesterday I talked about the “Magical Words” SWIPE FOLDER I started using in my business.

“Swipe Folders” have been invaluable to me in my business over the years. Basically- it’s a collection of images, content, screenshots, etc… that I’ve saved in giant (but organized) folders.

They’re always there for you when you need them- and serve as an amazing source of inspiration, creativity, and unique ideas to model after in your own business.

I’ve been stockpiling emails, ads, sales copy, and funnels for YEARS…. so I wanted to share a few of my most valuable Swipe Folders that I’ve created- in case this could help YOU in your business 🙂

So here they are…


This is a folder right inside my email (I use Office 365). I subscribe to very FEW lists in my main email. I have a separate email address where I have most of my subscriptions. (This is to help eliminate distraction and keep clutter down to a minimum in my work email.)

I subscribe to some of the best marketers, industry leaders (various industries!), and unique email lists that you’ve probably never heard of. When I get an email that stands out, I file it away in my email swipe folder!

I’ve literally got YEARS worth of email gold sitting in my swipe folder. If you don’t already have your own email swipe folder for this- start one today!


Exactly as is sounds- this is folder (Google Drive- so it’s shareable) is where I hide all of the best and highest converting FB ads that I’ve ever seen.

When I see a Facebook ad with something I love, has great engagement, or stands out from the crowd, I immediately screenshot it and add it to my FB Ads Swipe folder.


This is another goldmine. These are landing pages, sales pages, and lead magnet pages that I’ve been collecting for YEARS. For products and services that have been wildly successful, I make sure to document and screenshot and document the process.

I recommend grabbing not just the URL (because those can come down any time) but also take a screenshot… because if you have the screenshot- you’ll always have the content forever.


This one was inspired by my friend and branding expert Stephanie Joanne.

My Branding Folder is a collection of images, colors, and fonts that I’ve collected that I LOVE that I want to use for inspiration for my branding. I’ll use these to model after when I go through my rebrand later this year.

My Media Kit is a collection of screenshots and images of media appearances, places I was published, events I spoke at, etc. This way everything is in one place so I can easily find them when I need them. (this isn’t a swipe file as much as it’s a massive time-saver… so I wanted to include this in here just in case you wanted to start your own Media Kit folder also!)


This is the one I talked about yesterday. If you missed it- you can read about it here <—

Hope this “SWIPE FILE” list helps your in your business, as much as they have helped me in mine. They really are game-changing!

Now go start building your own swipe folders 🙂

Make it a productive day,


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