Trigger Words At Your Fingertips…

I’ve been reading a LOT lately.

At the moment, I’ve been obsessed with reading books by some of the best and most legendary copywriters in the world…. like John Carlton, Eugene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, and the list goes on.

And you know what one of the things I noticed that’s CONSISTENT in all of their content?

Their incredible wizard-like use of uncommon words to magnetically attract, entertain, and educate their audience.

These are words that everyone knows and understands…but generally not used in every day conversation.

Words like: burning curiosity, slathered, shimmering, scrawling, intruding, cleverly disguised, spectacular, grainy, … and the list goes on and on.

But it’s not the words themselves that make it special- it’s how they use them. It’s CAPTIVATING.

The more I read, the more I get sucked in.

I read these books the first time through for content- pulling out all of the lessons.

Marking it up with pen and highlighter, and taking notes in the margins.

My second time through, (with a different color highlighter), my only intention is to record all of these magical words….

In fact, I even started a special SWIPE FILE for them….

(it’s a simple Google spreadsheet I created – nothing fancy!)

This way- I have a growing list amazing words at my fingertips to help create content that’s more ALIVE and entertaining.

My new “SWIPE FILE” has already been very helpful to me in my business…

So I wanted to pass along this quick tip, as it has the potential to really help you elevate your content and take YOUR business to the next level 🙂

I definitely recommend putting together a fast Swipe File for all of your favorite words.

It won’t take up a lot of time- but could serve as a great source of inspiration and creativity!

That’s about it for today.

Make it a productive day,


P.S. Creating “SWIPE FILES” have been a MASSIVE time saver for me over the years. Tomorrow, I’m going to share a list of my favorite Swipe files and folders that I use in my business to help save me time and energy every single day… so be on the lookout!

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