Now “THIS” Got My Attention…

At 1:43pm on Saturday, I boarded a flight from Raleigh back to Orlando.

I found my seat, put my laptop under the seat in front of me, and started listening to one of my books on Audible.

There were a TON of kids on the flight, and it was incredibly loud in there.

I fly a lot, so I usually tune out the flight attendants as they give their spiel about where the emergency exits are and how to buckle our seat belts.

However this time was different.

The flight attendant at the front of the plane gets on the microphone, and says:

“Excuse me ladies and gentlemen… has anyone lost this?”

Every. Single. Conversation. Stopped. and we all looked up to the front of the plane to see if that “this” was ours.

Then he says…. “Fabulous! Now that I’ve got your attention…” and he continues on with the safety presentation.


With just a few words, he managed (in a fun way) to get everyone’s attention. (yes it was a Southwest flight).

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get attention like this from your prospects and clients? Absolutely.

You don’t have to throw a little “bait and switch” one-liner like the flight attendant did…. but you DO need to be creative, bold, and be different so you don’t blend into the background.

Your Clients & Prospects are:

—-> getting between 80-120 emails PER DAY…

—-> exposed to HUNDREDS if not thousands of pieces of content from status updates, Facebook lives, sponsored posts, Instagram, Twitter, and the list goes on….


So how do you get their attention like this flight attendant did!?

1. Know and understand your market. Study them. Eat, breathe, and sleep your market. Understand their pain, challenges, and what keeps them up at night. Know their DEEPEST struggles and what really holds them back from reaching their goals.

2. Study copywriting and learn how to create AMAZING headlines. (if you’re asking if this is in your 5%, my answer is YES. The reason is that if you know how to market properly, you’ll always be able to get clients.)

3. Subscribe to email lists and newsletters from great marketers and people you love, and start compiling your “swipe file” for ideas.

4. Search Google for “best headlines” and you’ll see examples of hundreds of great ideas.

5. Test and play around with different email subject lines, fb ad headlines, landing page headlines, etc. Keep TRACK of your results and refine and tweak as you go.

6-12. Add REAL VALUE to people’s lives, “be so good they can’t ignore you,” have an opinion and stand for something, be BOLD, be CONSISTENT, inject your personality, be authentic and be YOURSELF.

What you do changes LIVES. You make this world a better place.

Let’s make sure you stand out from the crowd and get your message out there.

So before you hit “send” on that email, “post” on that status update, or “submit” on that Facebook ad… ask yourself…. and then ask AGAIN… if this is something that will get the attention it deserves.

Make it an awesome and productive day!
Alicia 🙂

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