My Personal Success Habits (part 2)

Last week, I pulled back the curtain on a few of the habits that I believe are responsible for the majority of my growth and success.

There were five “planning/thinking/reflecting” success habits. If you missed it, you can read it over here.

But thinking and planning in itself won’t make your vision come to life.

That’s why I also wanted to share my “doing” or “move the needle” success habits – because they have helped me to consistently move closer to and stay on track with my goals. (HUGE.)

Let’s dive in:

#1: Doing the #1 thing to move your business forward daily.

If you haven’t read The One Thing by Gary Keller, read it!

I figure out what my biggest needle-movers are (just ONE each day) – and write it in my “focus” block on my calendar for the day.

When you do this, growth becomes predictable and doesn’t get lost in day-to-day tasks.

>> What’s the #1 thing you can do every day to move you closer to your goals?

#2: DAILY lead generation & follow-up.

Your revenue and income are a reflection of the work you’ve done BEFORE the sale. That’s why revenue is considered a “lagging” indicator.

And since your revenue is dependent on what comes BEFORE the sale …. it’s important to keep that lead faucet RUNNING! (The # leads are a “leading” indicator for your revenue.)

The bigger and clearer your lead pipeline is…

The higher your chances are of generating more revenue.

Alicia’s Tip: Once you know how many leads it takes you to close one client, you’ll be able to figure out how many leads you need to generate to hit your monthly client goals. Work backwards.

>> How many new leads do you need to generate every day to hit your monthly client goals?

#3: Tracking your KPIs.

Don’t fall asleep just yet – this is IMPORTANT.

This can be as simple as identifying the handful of metrics that are most important for reaching YOUR #1 goal … and pulling a report of them daily, weekly, or monthly (or all three!).

Some examples might be:

  • # new leads are coming in each day/week
  • # of sales closed within a certain time period
  • cost per conversion
  • profit margin
  • retention rate
  • LTV (lifetime value of a client)
  • # new group members

These are just a few – but it’s important to figure out the KPIs that you need to track in your business – and then create a simple reporting system to easily track the data.

>> What KPIs do you need to track to know what’s going well and where your opportunities are?

#4: Creating simple systems.

“What’s most efficient at the moment is rarely the most effective in the end.” – Shane Parrish

If you’re putting on band-aids or creating workarounds because you don’t have the “time” to create simple and solid systems, then you’re likely making even more work for yourself later on.

Take a step back and look at your business from the BIG picture to see what’s working and what’s not.

>> What simple systems can you create to alleviate/prevent any bottlenecks in your business?

#5: Asking myself “Can I delegate this?”.

Anytime I sit down to do something (or am using my standing desk!), I ask myself if I can be (or should be!) delegating it.

Just getting into the habit of asking myself that question has helped me to identify a boatload of opportunities to free up my time to work on more “needle-moving” activities.

>> Try asking yourself this same question every time you sit down to do something today.

Bonus Tip: I also like to ask myself a second question: “Is this the highest and best use of my time right now?”


The habits aren’t fancy … but they work well for me. And I have a hunch they’ll work for you, too 🙂

Remember, you don’t need to implement everything at once to see major gains in your biz.

I recommend choosing one “planning/thinking/reflecting” habit from last week’s list, and one “needle-moving” habit from today’s list to implement this month.

Next month, see how you feel and maybe stack on another new habit if it’s going well.

Remember, running a business is a marathon – not a sprint.

Lots more good stuff coming your way this month so keep an eye out!

Make it an amazing day,


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