My Personal CRAZY Challenge This Month…

Two days ago I did a live webinar with the one and only Ryan Lee….

I was completely INSPIRED to make one very specific change in my business this month.

One of the things I love about Ryan is that he keeps things simple….and INSANELY EFFECTIVE.

Here was one of my BIGGET take-aways: he sends out ONE email every day (mon-fri) to his email list.

There’s a couple of other greats that do this in our industry also- like Pat Rigsby!

I was completely inspired during the webinar.

It’s Ryan’s simple strategy to build a stronger relationship with his tribe, over-deliver, get personal with his list, and “edu-tain” his people!

Ryan keeps it simple- and it’s incredibly effective. It builds trust, shows consistency, and adds VALUE.

Not only that, but it’s the way he has built an incredibly impactful and profitable business.

I’ll be totally honest.shutterstock_challenge

The reason I’ve never committed to this before is because:

1. It seemed like a LOT of work.
2. I thought I would run out of things to talk about!

But Ryan broke down his exact outline in the webinar (you can find the replay right here in this post in my FBFF group).

Here’s the gist of it:

– If you opened one of my emails, it was probably because you were “curious” about my personal challenge that month! Start your email with something that sparks curiosity or intrigue for your readers!

There are a few powerful ways to get this done, but this is one of the best.

– Share something personal like a quick story that happened recently. Then- you can relate that story to a life lesson or something valuable that your clients would learn from or appreciate! (always be adding value)

– then signature and ps with a very soft sell (like a success session or something like that.) Once in a while, a more direct sell.

So…when you break it down like that….all of a sudden it doesn’t seem like a lot of work OR that you’d run out of anything to talk about!

We’re doing things every single day that you can take a lesson away from to teach to your people!

I WILL be posting the entire webinar replay where Ryan breaks down his strategy even further and gives you specific details and examples…..

so make sure to head over to my Facebook group so you’ll be able to see it when I post it!

After hearing how simple and truly effective it really is, I committed to sending my OWN daily email (Mon-Fri) to YOU for the month of September!

A few days ago if someone told me I would commit to this, I would have thought they were CRAZY….but I feel really good about it now.

Even though I’ve got a couple of trips planned, I’m making this a priority. (if I miss a day- feel free to call me out!)

Anyone else want to join me in my “September One Email Per Day Challenge”!?

Come on and join me!! Let’s all build stronger relationships and add even MORE value to our readers!

If you’re in, head over to my Fitness Business Freedom group challenge post and leave your commitment!

I’ll personally hold you accountable! 🙂

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