19 Golden Nuggets & Tips

A few weeks ago, I started a conversation in my Fitness Business Freedom Formula Group asking people to share their BEST tip or piece of advice they would give to someone just starting out.

Something they WISH they had known before they got started….

We had some INCREDIBLE shares and truly insightful tips. So I wanted to make sure to share them with you in case you missed them or are not yet a member of the group!

These are great if you’re a newbie AND if you’re a veteran coach or business owner…

1. Success leaves clues. Find someone who has your ideal business and hire them to teach you so you can get there faster without making mistakes and wasting time. Investing in coaches has been my secret weapon.
-AJ Mihrzadshutterstock_gold

2. Take on what you can handle. Do one thing at a time and do it well.
-Summer F.

3. Find a great coach or mentor to guide you and keep you accountable.
-Robert F.

4. Define your mission and your target market and get your foundations in place! (Financial tracking, lead tracking, client membership options/packages). This is something I’ve never made a priority and thanks to Alicia’s amazing course I know just how important it is!
-Tammy G.

5. Know why you’re doing this. Train the person. Don’t just focus on fitness. Focus on people.
-Nathan H.

6. As soon as you can find out who your idea client is… Who do you enjoy training most? How old are they? Male or female? What other businesses do they frequent? Then target these people in your marketing and branding and become an expert/specialist at training this specific group.
-Kurt R.

7. Networking is everything. Establish a specialization (niche) as soon as you can. Professionalism is often something many trainers lack, and is something I can’t emphasize enough! I show up on time, communicate with clients promptly if they have questions or need anything, and make sure that during sessions my focus is 100% on them.
-Norma Z.

8. Protect your time. Set aside time for training, self-development, and your own workouts and personal life.
-Jesse J.

9. Don’t put admin on the bottom of the list. The second you can make it work, hire someone to help part or full time with administrative tasks so you can focus on revenue generating activities, networking etc. instead of being buried by paperwork.
-Christina S.

10. If I were to start over at a gym, or even with my online business, I would create a mandatory beginners program. This program would be 8-12 weeks, it would have more one on one time with me than a normal program, and would guarantee that the client has all of the knowledge and skills needed to jump into any group class, or other training program that I create.
-Justin C.

11. Find someone who has achieved what you want to accomplish and let them mentor you. Become a human sponge because great mentors are a wealth of knowledge and information.
-Rick Streb

12. Invest in your team…it’s worth the investment.
-Mike Z.

13. Make your clients feel like they are real family, in and out of your facility.
-David P.

14. Hire based on the persons character and willingness to learn, not on experience and skill.
-Greg C.

15. Find your ‘niche’. Own it.
-Eric C.

16. Create strong and meaningful relationships with members and clients as well as the community you work in!
-David M.

17. Know your why and write down your very specific dream lifestyle. These two will keep you going and remind you why you do what you do.
-Maurice W.

18. Build your business to sell it, regardless of your desire to do so. Everything should be so dialed in that you could call a neighbor, give them the manual and go on vacation without worrying things might fall apart. Have a detailed SOP and stick to it. Make your team follow it and be open to ways to optimize it.
-Brian Devlin

19. Continually hone the CRAFT of personal training. Become a health advocate in your community. Find a great mentor/coach with a history of helping people build strong, stable businesses.
-Chad S.

ok one more….. 🙂

20. You got into this business for a reason and hopefully it is to help others, so keep that in the forefront. CARE is the word that I like to think of daily. Find a mentor; listen and learn. Don’t reinvent the wheel but you want to make it unique to you and you wan it to roll as smoothly as possible. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes…they are the learning that you need to carry you forward. Have fun and enjoy what you do!
-Debbie P.

There you have it!

Definitely something to think about.

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