Mine Is In The “Cloud” … Where’s Yours?

Some good stuff for you today …

Over the past week or so, I’ve shared a couple of really great resources:

  1. The SOP checklist (if you missed it, click here)
  2. Our new team communication tech stack (click here)

Quick question for you …

Do you ever feel like your systems and processes are all over the place!? (if you even have them written down in the first place!)

And the ones that you do have documented or written down are all outdated?

I get it – it’s a LOT to keep up with.

Back in the day, I used to keep a printed copy of my operations manual in a binder.

That’s not only a giant waste of paper, but it’s also a LOT harder to keep up-to-date when you make changes.

That’s why I NEVER print anything out anymore.

In fact, I haven’t printed anything (for my systems) in years.

I keep it ALL in the cloud.

All you need to do is create a LIVING operations manual.

Basically, it means that all of your systems and processes are online in the CLOUD.

That way they can be modified and updated in a few clicks, instead of a few hours.

Example: You want to start mailing out a t-shirt to all of your new clients to help them celebrate their first 100 days.

Awesome. Don’t just add it as a task wherever you keep your action list (Asana, Trello, spreadsheet, etc.).

You’ll make the changes right inside your New Client Onboarding SYSTEM, too (in the cloud!).

You’d map out the step-by-step process of everything that needs to happen in order to get this t-shirt to arrive with a nice handwritten card on day 100 to all of your new clients.

It would be so simple that your neighbor’s 12-year-old kid could walk in, read it, and would know exactly what to do.

And it would all be kept up-to-date in case you make any last-minute tweaks to the flow, and your entire team would have instant access to the new changes.

THIS is what will allow you to scale.

THIS is what will allow you to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

THIS is what will make sure that you’re delivering the experience you want your clients to have.

THIS is what keeps your entire team on the same page.

And THIS is what will save you a ton of stress and anxiety as you build your business.

There are amazing platforms out there where you can house all of your systems (super affordable), but Google Drive also works … and it’s free!

There’s no better time to start getting yourself organized for 2021 than right now …

So pick ONE system to start with, and block off time to get it done 🙂

Make it an amazing and productive day,


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