Here’s An Inside Look At Our New Team Communication Flow…

Our team has been growing a lot recently, and I realized we had a couple of glaring gaps in our communication flow.

In fact, it was embarrassingly inefficient.

We had some people texting, some calling, some in FB messenger, some showing up in my email, some in Asana, and the list goes on.

Can you relate to this?

We were all looking for messages and conversations in too many places – and we were wasting time.

That’s why I realized we needed to make a change pretty quickly … so we’ve been working on creating a new “streamlined” framework for communication.


We’ve been fine-tuning our communication by limiting it to a few specific tools so that:

  1. Nothing falls through the cracks⁠
  2. Everyone is always on the same page
  3. We save time by knowing exactly where to look for information⁠

Instead of just saying “it’s important” and you should do it … here’s our new simple framework for what we’re doing!

Our New & Improved “Tech Stack” for Communication:⁠

  • Email: External communication with clients and our community⁠
  • Asana: 85%+ of our communication for projects and internal work⁠
  • Slack: Important announcements, updates, and emergency communication⁠ (currently transitioning to use this instead of email, FB messenger, text, etc.)

If you’ve currently got a team OR plan on having one in the future …

I strongly recommend creating a defined framework for your team communication – so you can save yourself wasted time and unneeded stress.

Putting frameworks and systems in place will allow you to grow and scale with a LOT less stress.

I’m talking about systems like New Client Onboarding, Marketing & Conversion Systems, Client Retention Systems, Team Systems, Financial Systems, and the list goes on.

That’s why I created my 16-Week Systems Coaching Program, Fit Pro Accelerator. I wanted to GIVE you the systems and resources so you don’t have to waste time and recreate the wheel.

Currently, it’s on a waitlist, but I’m getting ready to open up a few more spots in the very near future.

If you want to get on the list and jump to the front of the line when I open up more spots in the program, you can get on the list over here <<

Make it an amazing day,
Alicia 🙂

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