12 Client Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

November is flying by and it’ll be December before you know it!

The holidays are such a great time to show your appreciation for your clients and members…

And ordering client gifts is always a great way to let your clients know that you care about them and value their place in your community!

You may be stuck on what to get for your clients, especially if you don’t have much wiggle room in your budget right now.

However, keep in mind, you do NOT have to break the bank to do this!

Below is my Client Gift-Giving List for 2020 and it’s FULL of ideas in ALL price ranges so that you can find something that works for you!

If you see your clients in person, you can give it to them personally, however, if it’s in the budget to send them in the mail, it’s always a nice touch.

12 Client Gift Ideas for the Holidays

1. The 5-Minute Journal (www.intelligentchange.com)

2. Swag (of course!) Branded T-shirt, sweatshirt, water bottles, coffee mugs, reusable grocery bags, etc.

3. A “Meal-Prep Kit” complete with simple, healthy recipes and some freezer-proof Tupperware!

4. A favorite book that will have meaning for them (with a personal note inside the cover)

5. A phone arm-band that holds their phone and membership card.

6. Healthy treats homemade by YOU – granola, trail mix, healthier cookies, etc.

7. Budget Friendly: Share a new 2021 workout playlist just for your clients!

8. A “Sleep Kit” with calming essential oils, like lavender, and a sleep mask.

9. Fitness Tools: Resistance bands, foam roller, stability ball, massage ball, jump rope, etc!

10. A zoodle spiralizer to get creative in the kitchen! This little tool will allow them to julienne veggies like zucchini to make “zoodles”, a healthier and quicker substitute to spaghetti!

11. A gift-card to your favorite coffee shop / smoothie bar. (you may even be able to get these donated or discounted.)

12. Big Life Journals: I bought these journals for ALL of the kids (there’s a lot of them!) in my family last year. Could be great for your clients who have children (if you wanted to pick up something for their kids) They were a HUGE hit: https://biglifejournal.com

Make sure you make your gifts festive by wrapping them or decorating them with fun ribbon.

And don’t forget to attach your handwritten note to make it more personal 🙂

If you get your gifts now, you still have time to allow for any shipping delays (and avoid the added stress) that may come with the holidays.

I hope this list helps to spark a few ideas for you!

Make it an AMAZING day,


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