It Hit The Fan…And What I Did About It

2015 has been a whirlwind for my fitness business.

I’m calling it our “Year of Transformation.”

One of my trainers who’s been with me for over 3 years (used to be a client) left us early January for a secretarial position.

Another one of my veteran trainers decided not to show up to class (multiple times) so I had to let her go (February).

My assistant had her house broken into and work computer and phone (among a lot of other things) were stolen.

Yesterday, a bomb was dropped on me when one of my best trainers (who’s been with me for years) told me he leaving to pursue his life-long dream to work with tennis athletes.FitPro

My point is “SH**” happens…to everyone.

No matter how perfect people try to make it seem.


WHAT “happens” to you in your business or life isn’t what truly matters. It’s all about how you handle it that counts.

The daily quote I got from Danielle LaPorte (love her) this morning was “Destruction before Creation.”

Yeah- it totally sucks that I’ve lost some incredible team members (like family to me).

Yeah- it sucks that people steal stuff that don’t belong to them.

But- all change gives us the OPPORTUNITY to grow, get stronger, and become better.

I’ve made the conscious choice to look at this first quarter as an opportunity to reorganize, rebuild, and transform.

Here’s What I Did About It:

  1. I hired a new lead trainer who is RIDICULOUSLY amazing.
  2. We fine-tuned our 8-week internship program to transform new interns into INCREDIBLE trainers for our team.
  3. We have 2 new interns going through our program right now who I have full intention of hiring on to our staff- will now be stronger than ever.
  4. I’ve completely updated every system to ensure we’re over-delivering to our clients in an even more efficient way.
  5. I hired a General Manager (who is incredible). My last step in removing myself completely from the daily operations of the business!
  6. Daily, I continue to stay committed to personal growth (no matter what). This is a biggie.

In fact, because of everything that has happened, my business has become STRONGER.

My new team is BETTER and STRONGER than ever. Our systems have become more EFFICIENT and STREAMLINED.  Our clients are LOVING our new trainers and are excited about the new changes. I have become a more IMPACTFUL leader.

My point?

Building a business can get messy.  

But it’s in the messiness that amazing things emerge.  

No matter what happens in your business or your life: Remember your WHY. Remember your mission. Remember your vision.  And remember the incredible impact that you have in the people in your community.

THAT- is what will make you rise to the top and succeed no matter what comes your way. 

Hope you have an INCREDIBLE day. 

Live with Intention,


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