(HUGE) Enrolling vs. Selling

I had a really important conversation yesterday with one of my coaching clients about SELLING.

He mentioned that his team HATES selling. They think it’s sleazy, and that in their minds… they relate it to being a used car salesman.

First of all- they need to BELIEVE in their program. Of course- his coaches do. So that’s not the issue.

It was purely their “perception” of the sales process- it had nothing to do with the value that they provide.

So I talked to him about the MASSIVE difference between “SELLING” and “ENROLLING.”

When you get an application, have a consult, or are talking to a prospect about your memberships….you’re never SELLING. You’re interviewing the prospect as much as they are interviewing you!

Your main priority during this conversation is to find out at a deep level what their goals are and why it’s so important for them to achieve those goals. You’re getting to know them and you’re building the foundation of a relationship.

Can you help this person achieve their goals?

If you can, awesome!! You’ll OFFER the opportunity to work together and the opportunity to “ENROLL” them in your program!

If not- also awesome! Point them in a direction that would be a better fit for them and what they are looking for.

It’s ALL about perspective.

I encouraged him to have this conversation with his coaches. As the business owner- his job is to lead his team and have everyone in alignment with his mission and vision.

“Enrolling” vs. “Selling” is a mindset shift and everything changes!

NOW…on a side note- I don’t believe that it’s appropriate for every trainer on your team to be on the floor selling.

This is what the big box gyms do and why so many trainers HATE IT. Many times, trainers and coaches just want to do what they are REALLY great at… train and coach!

When I had my fitness business, these were two separate positions. Some of my coaches were ALSO trained in sales, but it wasn’t a combined position.

Just wanted to share this shift in selling, because I see so many team members (and business owners) struggle with this!

Now get back to work and go ENROLL some amazing people into your program!!

Alicia 🙂

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