How Much Is TOO Much Free Content?

Have you ever written the *perfect* social media post or email and thought,

“Should I be giving all this amazing info away for free?”

And the answer is… maybe.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Offering value without a price tag isn’t just a “strategy” — it’s how you grow a business that people know, love, and trust.

It’s telling potential clients, “Hey, I know my stuff, and I’m confident you’ll find it useful!”

But I hear you…

Where’s the line? How much *free* can you sprinkle around before you’re basically giving away the entire cake?

Here’s how I approach it: give your audience enough to demonstrate value, but keep them craving more.

Speaking of cake (mmm, cake ), think of free content as samples at a bakery…

You get to try a small slice — not the whole cake.

So, maybe you give your audience a free workout plan for a week, not an entire month.

Or maybe, you give them a snippet of your nutrition guide, not an end-to-end rundown of how your methodology works so they think they can do it on their own.

In other words, address smaller, simpler problems with your free content…

And leave the deeper, more complete solutions for paying clients.

A great way to do this? Share stories.

Sharing your personal story and client case studies can help people get a sense of what you do, how you do it, and see that it works — without giving everything away.

For example, in the case study templates we give our members inside of The Content & Marketing Club, we add little snippets where you can fill in *just enough* of how your methodology works to explain why your clients are getting great results.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with over-delivering when it feels good to you.

Ultimately, when people see you offer tons of great content for free, they tend to think, “Wow, if this is free, the paid stuff must be even better!”

So, don’t shy away from giving — but try to give with strategy and purpose.

Make it an amazing day,


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