Ninja Productivity Part 3: How Much Are You Worth Per Hour?

Interested in how much your time is really worth?

I thought so.

You SHOULD be interested… because knowing what that number is will help you identify which specific tasks in your business to delegate, and which ones you should continue (or start) doing yourself.

Since we’re smack in the middle of our productivity series right now (if you missed it, here’s Part 1, and Part 2) it’s incredibly important to know the real value of your time.

A while back, I came across an article on LifeHacker written by a man named James Clear. I had never heard of him before, but as soon as I read this article, I started binge reading his blog.

The title of his article was: The Value of Time: How Much is Your Time Really Worth?”

He talked about the “trade-offs” we all make every day…

Should we do “this” or should we do “that.” To give you an example (this is coming straight from his post)

  • Should you buy the nonstop flight and save two hours or get the flight with a stopover and save $90?
  • Should you pay your neighborhood teenager $20 to mow your lawn so you have an extra hour free on the weekend?
  • Should you spend this week working with a client that will pay you $2,000 right away or be working on a business idea that could generate $20,000 over the next year?

So rather than reinvent the wheel, I wanted to share his exact post that helped me in my own business.

Here’s the direct link to his blog post, “The Value of Time: How Much is Your Time Really Worth”

He even shared a spreadsheet (no opt-in required) to be able to calculate your own numbers.

Pretty awesome stuff.

Over the next few days, I’m challenging you to block off about 20 minutes to calculate the value of your time. (I used the “Expected Value Method” when I did mine)

If you do it, I guarantee you’ll start to think differently about saying “yes” to the same things you say “yes” to right now.

Happy Calculating,

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