Top 20 Client Gift Ideas! 🔥🔥

The holidays are around the corner, and it’s about to get pretty crazy and hectic up in here! Let’s avoid that last minute stress this year as much as possible.

If you’re planning on giving your clients gifts for the holidays, and you haven’t yet ordered them… I strongly encourage you to make a decision and get it done within the next 7 days so you can check it off your list.

I put together a little guide for you below to help.

The holiday season offers a unique opportunity to grow your business – not only when it comes to gaining new members, but even more importantly, in deepening relationships with your existing clients.

It’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for their support!

Your most loyal clients form the backbone of your business. Depending on how long you’ve been in business, you’ve likely been a part of each other’s lives for years.

It really doesn’t matter whether you have a startup shoestring budget or a multi-location operation… something thoughtful is what will mean the most to them.

You can send something as simple as a handwritten card (which I recommend you to send to everyone you do business with!) – or as elaborate as a high-end fruit basket or tickets to a local show you know they want to see.

The nature of the gift should reflect your relationship with each client, with the clients who have spent the most money with you over the years getting VIP status (to the extent your budget allows!).

Remember: You do NOT have to break the bank to do this. Thoughtful, personal gifts can have far more meaning than impersonal expensive ones!

Here are some gift-giving ideas to get you going. Depending on the services you offer, you can segment the gifts into tiers, with gifts reflecting different price points.

Top 20 Client Gift Ideas
1. Branded water bottle or stainless steel coffee thermos
2. Branded T-shirt, sweatshirt, or other swag (branded reusable grocery bags are also great)
3. A favorite book that will have meaning for them (with a handwritten note inside!)
4. Sampler packs of protein powders or supplements (wrapped in a nice bow, of course!)
5. Branded lacrosse ball or foam roller they can use at home
6. Yoga mat (branded if possible!)
7. Healthy homemade treats made by YOU – healthier cookies, granola, etc
8. Photo album showing their progress and the fun they’ve had working with you
9. Gift basket of locally made items to support local businesses
10. Basket of healthy food choices: cooking oils, vinegar, raw nuts, etc
11. A couple pairs of awesome workout socks!
12. Journal (5-Minute Gratitude Journal is my fav)
13. Gift card to a local restaurant (preferably locally owned… and if you can get these donated, or discounted in bulk- even better!)
14. Budget Friendly: Create a shared playlist of music you use during your sessions and share it with your members!
15. Self-care basket: essential oils, Epsom salts, organic soaps, cozy towel, etc.
16. Great training tools: example resistance bands or jump ropes (branded if possible)
17. Organic loose-leaf teas in exotic flavors
18. Tickets to a local event you know they’d love to attend
19. Gift certificate for a massage or other bodywork treatment (if you can get these donated, or discounted in bulk- even better!)
20. Pedometer/Activity tracker

The list could go on and on!

To make it even more fun, make sure you dress up your gifts with ribbons and bows and nice gift wrapping. Don’t forget to attach your handwritten note to each gift 🙂

I hope this list helps to spark a few ideas for you! Let’s avoid last-minute stress and make a decision (in the next few days) on what you’re doing for your client gifts/cards, and get everything you need ordered!

Have an amazing day,

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