Convert Leads With An Ad Like THIS 🤓

Today’s the day!

We’re finishing up our sales funnel messaging series with an example of bottom-of-funnel ad copy that will help turn your leads into CLIENTS 🙌

(I’m also giving you a few extra ways to get more juice out of your bottom-of-funnel strategy, so read until the end!)

At this stage, remember that we’ve already attracted and nurtured the people who will see this copy below…

So this is ALL about the close.

Here’s an example that uses all 5 tips I gave you in my last email for crafting the perfect bottom-of-funnel ad for anyone who’s seen your coaching application page but still hasn’t booked a call…

💥 This is IT! There are 3 spots left for my 1:1 coaching and doors won’t open again until this summer!

If you want in, click “APPLY NOW” and get your application in before enrollment ends.

And if you’re still not sure if 1:1 coaching is right for you, there are PLENTY of people who thought the same thing before they took the leap.

Like Carla, who says,

“Making the investment was scary because I had tried so many other programs with no lasting results. I was also a little intimidated by the thought of 90 days with someone holding me accountable no matter what! Fast forward to now and I am down 2 sizes and feel better than I did when I was in my 20s. This is a GAME CHANGER!!!”

Your application guarantees you a spot if this feels like the right fit on our call, so get yourself booked in now — even if it’s a ‘maybe’!

👉 Click APPLY NOW to get your application in before enrollment ends 👈

This lets them know they don’t have forever to “think about it”, and answers the objection, “What if I spend the money and don’t get the results?” with social proof!

If they’ve made it to this stage, they have all the details…

They just need that extra little motivation 🙂

Some other tips to convert leads at this stage are:

  • Keep nurturing leads via email. Segment people who have clicked through to your page but haven’t purchased, and send them similar messaging in your email marketing.
  • Throw in a special unannounced bonus. Rather than offering a last-minute discount, throw in an extra VALUE-ADD (like a digital resource that doesn’t cost you anything) to sweeten the deal.
  • Make yourself available for questions. If you have a free FB group, send an email inviting hot leads to a free 30-minute Q&A in your group, or even on Zoom.

And there you have it!

Make it an amazing day,


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