Why Challenges Attract Top-Tier Clients

We’ve got a BRAND NEW plug-and-play MEN’S transformation challenge coming your way soon, and I cannot wait to give you all the details!!!

But until then, I want to talk about WHY challenges and transformation programs are the best entry point for attracting high-quality clients and how to run them effectively.

Because let’s face it…

Challenges are a LOT of work, and if they’re not attracting high-quality clients into your higher-level programs, then they’re just a drain on your time and resources.

So if you’re NOT currently running a challenge as a front-end offer to build your clientele, here’s why they’re GOLD for keeping your pipeline full of dream clients:

  1. Challenges give potential clients a low-risk opportunity to test the waters and see what you have to offer before committing to a full program. And for you, it’s a way to STILL get paid while those prospects feel you out. 
  2. Challenges are a chance for newbies and existing members to hyper-focus on their goals and get INCREDIBLE results. (They’ll not only get results, but they’ll also build the CONFIDENCE that they can actually reach their longer-term goals.)With the right systems in place, you can deliver an incredible program and experience that sets up your challengers for massive success.
  3. Here’s where the “high-quality” part comes in — signing up for a challenge implies that not only do prospects WANT help, but they’re also willing to show up and do the work (it’s literally called a “CHALLENGE”!).And when you price your challenge within striking range of your ongoing coaching program, you’re bringing in people who are also probably financially qualified to continue on after the challenge is over.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Still, it’s important to have a solid plan in place for how you’re going to ascend your challengers into your higher-level programs BEFORE you run your challenge…

And there are a few other mistakes you need to avoid at ALL COSTS if you want to maximize your profitability and client results.So stay tuned, because that’s EXACTLY what I’ll be talking about in my next post!

Make it an amazing day,


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