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3 Bonus List-Building Strategies 🤓

2023 is the year that real, authentic connections will trump polished, shiny marketing hype… And your email list is one of the best tools in your toolbox to position yourself for success. On Tuesday, I ran through an example of a hyper-targeted lead magnet you could use to start building a primed and profitable list. … Read more

Hyper-Targeted List-Building 🎯

Last week, I talked about how growing a warm audience through email is going to be more important than EVER in 2023. Not only is putting effort into your list great for building the real, authentic connections people are craving right now… It’s also a slam-dunk way to create a pool of people who know, … Read more

EXACTLY How To Price Your New Year Promo

If you’re tempted to slash the price on your New Year program or transformation challenge to attract as MANY clients as possible, read this first… Your New Year promo is arguably *THE* most important promo of the year. There’s a HUGE amount of momentum you can tap into if you do it right. So when … Read more