5 Strategies To CRUSH Your New Year Promo 🚀

With the New Year just DAYS away, now is the time to make sure your New Year promo is buttoned up and ready to go!

Since a successful promo is all about striking the perfect balance between planning and taking action, I’m here with 5 of my BEST tips to help you do both.

Ready for these? Get ready to take some notes!

TIP #1 – Consider starting your 2023 New Year Program Jan 16th or LATER

Since most people are still coming back from vacation … or their kids are just getting back to school during the first week (or two) of the year, most won’t have the bandwidth to give your program or challenge the attention it deserves!

That’s why the third week of January is the sweet spot, AND because it also gives you enough time to market your program (and make changes if you need to!) so you can crush your goals.

TIP #2 – Make sure you have at LEAST 2.5 weeks as a marketing buffer

Speaking of giving yourself enough time to market and fill up your program, 2.5 weeks is a solid amount of time to get the job done (most of the time).

If you’re not on track to hit your goals and need to throw in an extra bonus, follow up with more leads, write more emails, adjust your ads, etc … you’ve got a built-in buffer to do it!

TIP #3 – Give away an EPIC fast-action bonus or a small discount

When I launched my Facebook Group content a couple of weeks ago, we sold out of our first 75 copies within the first 5 minutes and 35 seconds. This doesn’t happen by accident. It’s because we built anticipation about our AWESOME fast-action bonus that we give out to our early action-takers!

The more excited YOU get about your program and bonuses, the more excited your community will be! Whether you have an early bird/fast-action bonus or special discount, this is a POWERFUL strategy to consider implementing. In fact, I use this every single time I launch.

TIP #4 – Give away ONE to sell a LOT more!?

Want to see how we got about 1,000 comments on a post talking about a new program that was about to come out? Check out what I did right over here <<

Not only did this give me a chance to introduce my brand new program that was about to come out (in a fun way!), but it started to generate buzz and a TON Of engagement … and also got people to raise their hands who were interested in it!

This is a win-win across the board. I use this strategy pretty much every time I launch something, too. 🤩

Have a high-ticket coaching program where it doesn’t make sense to give away a membership? No problem you can always do a partial scholarship if it makes sense. If you have them apply for it, you’ll have them talking themselves into why they NEED your program to help them reach their goals!

TIP #5 – Use “The Pricing Rubber Band Rule” for your front-end offer

People ask me all of the time what I recommend for pricing a front-end offer like a New Year Challenge or program. Here’s what I generally say:

Depending on what your deliverables are, if it’s comparable to one of your coaching programs…

I’d probably price it 25% higher or lower than that same amount of time would cost if they were in your coaching program. (Of course, you need to make sure you’re accounting for extra costs if there are any.) And I usually go HIGHER than lower.

Keep an eye out for my next email, because I’m going to dive a lot deeper into pricing and what you need to pay close attention to! 💰

In the meantime, star this post so you can come back to it … and go put your next action step on your calendar!

Make it an amazing day,


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