EXACTLY How To Price Your New Year Promo

If you’re tempted to slash the price on your New Year program or transformation challenge to attract as MANY clients as possible, read this first…

Your New Year promo is arguably *THE* most important promo of the year.

There’s a HUGE amount of momentum you can tap into if you do it right.

So when you’re thinking about pricing your program, the key is to think LONG-term — not just short-term.

That’s why before we even get into how to price your program or challenge, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll want to have your “conversion plan” ironed out before your challenge or program even starts!

In other words, before you launch, you’ll want to be crystal clear on how you’ll move your challengers into one of your higher-level ongoing programs or 1:1 coaching when the challenge ends.

You could do this with a strategic check-in or phone call during your challenge…

a “next steps” goal-setting session, an email promo, an offer during your orientation…

Or even baking the “upgrade” into your challenge sales funnel before the program even starts so that challengers move right into the next level.

Then, once you’re clear, it’s time to think about the price.

I mentioned in my last email that my favorite “sweet spot” (besides the Two Roosters ice cream parlor in Raleigh) is 25% higher or lower than your regular coaching programs costs for that same amount of time — but no more than 25% if you’re going lower.

I even mentioned that you could DOUBLE the price of your regular program if it’s worth it.

The reason, of course, is that you want to attract clients who can afford to continue working with you after your program is over!

A slightly higher price for your New Year challenge or program makes jumping into a LOWER-priced coaching program a no-brainer — especially if they got great results.

Will you attract fewer challengers? Maybe.

But more importantly, you’ll attract clients who are ready and willing to invest so the rest of your year is a little bit easier 🙂

Make it an amazing day,


P.S. If it makes sense, you can even go STRAIGHT into offering your higher-level, signature coaching program before you even mention your New Year program … and give them your New Year challenge or program for FREE where it makes sense. Either way, make sure your signature coaching program is the *real* star of the show!

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