5 Biggest Website Mistakes I’m Seeing Right Now…

Randomly, a couple of weeks ago, I posted in my Fitness Business Freedom Formula Facebook Group and offered a free Website Review for the first 5 people who posted their website address in a comment.

(We’re close to 2500 fit pro’s strong right now… woohoo!)

I offered to audit their sites and list out the top 5 things I’d change to improve conversions. 

There were some really great sites posted, however I noticed MOST WERE MISSING A FEW KEY ELEMENTS!

So…I wanted to share a few of my “findings” with you in case you’re missing these critical things on your site, too!

If you’re missing ANY of these 5 things, you could be missing out HUGE on conversions.

shutterstock_oops-buttonTop 5 Website Mistakes I’m Seeing Right Now:

1. There’s No CLEAR Way to “Get Started.”

Pretend you’re a random person interested in your services and they were visiting your site. Would you know EXACTLY what to do next to take that first step?

Consider creating a tab in your navigation bar that says “Get Started” and then give them specific dir
ections on what to do next (register for your Front End Offer, schedule a Success Session, etc.)

2. You Don’t Have Enough Social Proof.

If you don’t have at LEAST 8-10 testimonials on your site, you could be missing out on conversions.

If you don’t have enough before and after pictures yet…that’s ok! Just get a short paragraph from a few of your clients and post it on your site next to a smiling picture of them working out!

I recommend having a good mix of video, text, and picture testimonials on your site.

3. Your About Us Page is SAD.

I can’t tell you how many sites I visit where the coaches are NOT SMILING! Unless you’re in a very specific market, your clients do not want to be intimidated by their trainers.

Make sure you’re smiling in your pic!

Also, when people work with a local business, they want to know about the people in it! If you’re missing an “About Us” page- make sure you get one up ASAP!

Post a smiling pic of yourself (and each of your team members if you have them). Share a short paragraph about each person…and maybe even a favorite quote or a few fun facts.

4. People Don’t Even KNOW You’re Local!

About 50% of the sites I’ve looked at over the years don’t mention the city / town they are in at the top of their home page (and are also missing phone # and vital contact info!)

MAKE SURE that above the fold on your home page, that it is VERY clear what city you’re in!

You have just seconds to make an impression- and if people don’t know you’re local, they will skip out to find someone who is.

5. You’ve got TOO much Going On.

Too many options often leads to confusion and NO ACTION.

If you have too many services or membership options on your site, then you could be missing out big time!

Make sure to keep it simple and easy to navigate.

Best advice I have is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects… and pretend you’re visiting your site for the first time.

  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Do people immediately know you’re local?
  • Does it represent your brand and image the way you want it to?
  • Does it have strong social proof?
  • Is it clear that you can get results?
  • Do you display that you know who your target market is and who you’re serving?
  • Is there a clear next step for people to take action?

Your website can be one of your biggest assets in your business if you do it right.

It’s definitely worth taking a look at if you haven’t in a while!

Hopefully you find some of this info helpful!!

Make it a productive day,
Alicia 🙂

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