Coronavirus Resources For Your Community

My team and I are committed to helping our fitness and wellness professional community during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

We’re continually creating new resources and trainings to help you navigate this successfully in your business. Check back here often, because these resources are updated on a regular basis! 

FIRST: Join the Conversation! There are a TON of great strategies, resources, and conversations going on over in The Fitness Business Freedom Formula (my Facebook group): Fitness Business Freedom Formula

***The free resources below resources are ONLY licensed to fitness and wellness professionals that work directly with clients and community. They are NOT allowed to be used by other business coaches and rebranded as their own. 



Studio Reopening Checklist  This checklist will give you ideas and tips on how to decide exactly WHEN to reopen safely, extra steps and considerations to take during the transition back, and a lot more!

Reopening Social Media Swipes to let your tribe know about the extra steps you’re taking to keep them safe and healthy when you reopen the doors.

NEW: Coronavirus Waiver Addendum The incredible Lisa Fraley (attorney and legal expert) has generously provided an ADDENDUM (addition) for extra protection on your general waiver for your clients as they transition back into your facility. 

Reopening the Studio (Swipe Email) This is a sample email you can send to your members/email list to share your action plan for reopening (woohoo!) and also inform them of the precautions that you’ll be taking at your facility.

Sample Reopening Survey Questions These are sample questions you can use to survey your members/community to get an idea of how they feel about coming back into the studio.

Virtual BINGO!! This is a great presentation on “How to Use BINGO to Build Community, Increase Retention & Get FREE MARKETING!” You can also snag some FREE Bingo Board Canva templates and Bingo Square ideas for your boards 🙂 

Rebrandable Printable Coronavirus Prevention Poster to put up in your studio. Make sure to update it with your colors and logo! 



Mavericks Mastermind My new coaching program created specifically to help fitness pros pivot online and access the resources, support, and coaching to help you stay focused and profitable during the pandemic. 

30-Days of Workout Programming for your Livestreams during the lockdown! This includes coaching to help you onboard new clients and over-deliver to your community. 100% of profits will be donated.

COVID-19 Release & Waiver for Services: for your clients to sign following the coronavirus pandemic as you resume your in-person services with clients. This is a full, stand-alone waiver. This waiver is from Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach & Attorney.  It’s 50% off the regular price for just $97. (***If you already have a waiver, use the free addendum provided above. If you do NOT have a waiver, this waiver will cover all of your bases.) 


FREE Current Available Swipes:

Coronavirus Email Swipe  This is a sample email you can send to your members or email list to inform them of the precautions that you’ll be taking at your facility.

Studio Announcement of Transitioning to Online Coaching Email Swipe  We want to keep the tone POSITIVE. We’re not mentioning “closing” (because you’re not!). You’re TRANSITIONING to online coaching right now until you’re able to get back into the studio. 

BUSINESS OWNER PREVENTION CHECKLIST As a business owner, it’s important to do EVERYTHING you can to help protect yourself and your clients from the spread of the Coronavirus. While we do NOT want to cause any panic or fear, it’s important to be on top of the situation and take the necessary steps to keep yourself and your members healthy.

Email Swipe to Teach Clients How to Use & Install Zoom: Here’s a quick email you can use to help get your clients onboarded with Zoom for your live-streaming workouts!

Rebrandable Healthy Immune System Checklist (to complement the email) [NEED CHROME BROWSER TO ACCESS]  This Canva Template is a quick and to-the-point sample checklist you can use to help educate your clients/community on how to keep their immune system healthy.  Here’s the same checklist in a different style in case this one matches your branding better.

Rebrandable Stress Management Guide For Your Community! This was a resource I created for my Content & Social Media Club a few months ago, and I reworked it for the Coronavirus pandemic. With the amount of stress everyone is under right now, I thought it would make for a GREAT giveaway, value add, or opt-in for your community! 

FREE At-Home Workouts + Exercise Technique Manual This is my “Travel Workouts” program to help give you a few workout ideas for clients in case they can’t come into the studio. (I took this out of the vault for you- this is normally a paid product!) 

Social Media Posts to Educate Your Community These are sample social media swipes we put together for you to help educate your community and take a little load off your plate for you while you deal with other important things in your business right now. Hope this helps! 

Client Scholarship Agreement: If you have a client who loses their job and is unable to continue to pay their memberships, you don’t have to boot them from your community if you don’t want to! You can’t do this for EVERYONE, but for people who are serious about their goals, and who truly need it, offering a scholarship can be a perfect way to give back and take care of your fitness family!

FREE Canva Templates Go Canva! Check out these FREE templates!


(FREE) CARES ACT (Loans & Grants for US / Canada):

CALL REPLAY: How the 2 Trillion Dollar CARES ACT Impacts Your Fitness / Wellness Business (United States)

Resources Folder Webinar slides, resources, & links to loan applications. (United States)

*CANADIAN FRIENDS: If you live in CANADA, my friend Lori Kennedy did a training for you. The replay is here.


(FREE) Protecting Your Revenue:

CALL REPLAY: How to Keep Revenue Strong & Navigate COVID-19 with Success (for Studio & Bootcamp Owners)

CALL REPLAY: How to Pause / Defer Rent (if needed) with Legal Expert Amy Colotti

Sample Online Training Waiver of Liability (thank you Amy Colotti!)

Attorney Amy Colotti’s Contact Info: www.ingramlaw-fitpro.com , amy@ingramlaw-fitpro.com


(FREE) Online Coaching Tech:

CALL REPLAY: How to Set Up For Success with Online Coaching with Zoom with Michelle Smith.

Handout: How to Setup Your Tech For Online Coaching Using Zoom Huge thanks to Michelle Smith for providing this resource for us!

Zoom Tech & FAQ’s: Resource doc loaded with tutorials and how-to’s for Zoom! 

VIDEO: How to use ONE ZOOM MEETING LINK for ALL of your Online Coaching Sessions / Livestreams.

Click HERE for the Basic Equipment List for Online Streaming.


CALL REPLAY: How to Run a Virtual Happy Hour / Coffee Social for Your Community

CALL LINKS & RESOURCES This doc contains all of the links and resources for the content and games talked about on the Virtual Socials call! 


(FREE) Online Corporate Wellness / Fitness with Greg Justice:

TRAINING REPLAY:  Opportunities in Corporate Wellness During the Coronavirus Pandemic

HANDOUTS & ADDITIONAL RESOURCES including a corporate wellness toolkit, sample corporate survey, sample corporate agreement, and MORE! 


Important Links & References:

Products with EPA-Approved Emerging Viral Pathogen Claims expected to be effective against COVID-19 based on data for harder to kill viruses.

CDC Coronavirus “Protect Your Health”

CDC Coronavirus “What You Should Know”

World Health Organization: Advice to the Public

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