Your Secret Referral Strategy…

If challenges are a part of your offerings, now is a PERFECT time of year to get ready to run one.

Everyone is finally getting back on track after summer, and many of them are looking to get photo-ready for the holidays.

But this isn’t an email about challenges…

It’s about one of my top “ninja” business-building strategies that will help you grow your business deep into 2020 and beyond.

It’s about leveraging your challenges to get more REFERRALS.

I’m going to show you how implementing a simple referral component can grow your business exponentially.

NOTE: This strategy is to be used in addition to the usual marketing push you use to promote your challenges.

The whole idea is that when a client or prospect signs up for one of your challenges, your goal is to get them to invite a friend (or five) to participate in the program with them.

The trick is, you MUST give your clients / challengers a REASON to give you a referral (outside of the fact that they are helping to change someone’s life, of course!)

Step #1: Come up with a few things your tribe would love that would motivate them in a big way to invite their friends / coworkers / family to join them in the program.

Here are some ideas:

  • Practical items (fitness-related gear)
  • Tech toys (Fit Bits, Kindle, iPad, etc.)
  • Vacation Giveaways
  • Glitzy prizes (a name-brand handbag or customized sneakers)
  • Fun experiences (concert, movie tickets)
  • A Little TLC (spa treatments)
  • Supplement Packs
  • Branded Swag
  • Discounts on their own challenge or on ongoing services
  • (donated items or services are ALWAYS a great idea, example a 50-minute massage by a local massage therapist who is trying to grow their clientele, gift cards from a local meal delivery service who wants to help get the word out, etc.)

Step #2: Set up a Tiered System that rewards each person based on how many successful referrals they make. (Successful meaning people they get to sign up and pay for the challenge).

The more referrals they get, the bigger the prize.

Here’s an example:

Refer 1 friend – 50% off their own challenge
Refer 2 friends – Free challenge + tee shirt
Refer 3 friends – Free challenge + tee shirt + free bottle of protein
Refer 4 friends – Free challenge + tee shirt + free bottle of protein + Fit Bit
Refer 5 friends – Free challenge + tee shirt + free bottle of protein + Fit Bit + Custom Sneakers

(Remember your prizes have to make financial sense, so the prizes will depend on the price of your challenge and the profit you make on each challenger.)

These referrals likely will come in ready to sign up because they (hopefully) have been pre-sold by their friends who already are participating in the challenge.

That means it will cost you virtually nothing to sign them up … so while you shouldn’t break the bank on the prizes, make sure you are offering something of value!

Step #3: The Plan In Action…

This couldn’t be any simpler.

DIRECTLY after someone signs up (pays!) for your challenge, ask them if they know anyone who might also benefit from the program, and let them know you’ve got a special “inspire-a-friend” program in place for referrals.

Make this referral offer to everyone … even the people who were referred to you by others.

Don’t overthink this. Just keep it light and easy!


“We’re SO excited to have you onboard Susie!! We’ve been having a bunch of our new clients who are joining us for [PROGRAM NAME] invite their friends and family to join them in the challenge!

Since it’s always more fun to join with a friend, we decided to create a special “inspire-a-friend” program! [Talk about your incentives and referral program specials here]. Does that sound good to you? (let them say yes!)

Great! Do you have any friends that you’d like to invite to join the challenge with you?!”


If this makes you feel uncomfortably “sales-y” … here’s a little equation that might help turn your mind around …

More people = more camaraderie = more excitement = more engagement = better results!

Plus, it’s proven that people who have more social support from their friends and family will be more successful in reaching their goals (you can work that into your script also)!

Words of Advice…

There are a few things worth mentioning to make sure your referral strategy is a big success:

  • Make sure you identify who counts as a referral (must be a non-member, etc?)
  • What if two people give you the same name for a referral?
  • Do challengers have to let you know in advance who they are referring?
  • How long are you giving them to qualify for the referral prizes?
  • Make sure you have your process in place to track, follow-up, and CONVERT all of your referrals.
  • Make sure you fully understand your profit margin before determining your prizes.

You can see how over time, running 2-3x a year with referral bonuses can help set you up for long-term success!

I hope this quick how-to training got your wheels turning about how YOU can set up an “inspire a friend” / referral program for your next challenge!

Make it a productive day,


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