Your Delegation Series Recap

January is almost over — how are we feeling?!

Things are moving quickly over here, and I’ve got some AMAZING new stuff happening behind the scenes (but more on that next month!).

If you’re just tuning in, we’ve spent all month talking about delegation…

But really, we’ve been talking about how VALUABLE your time is 😉

This felt like the PERFECT topic to kick off the year, because if you ended 2023 feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and ready to quit…

It might be time to get more support.

And since I promised you a recap in my last email, let me hit you with the highlights (and a quick homework assignment, because this stuff only works if you DO it!):

Tip #1: You can’t afford NOT to get help. One of the biggest shifts you can make if you’re serious about scaling is seeing support as an INVESTMENT rather than an expense. Those “5-minute tasks” add up, and it’s not just about time lost — it’s about opportunities lost, too.

An easy way to wrap your head around the cost? Multiply your hourly rate by the amount of hours you spend on non-revenue generating tasks, and compare that number to multiplying those hours by what you’d pay for someone else to do them. The difference is eye-opening!

Tip #2: It’s NOT faster if you do it yourself. Yes, you MIGHT be faster and better than the person you hired to help you — but what happens the next time that task pops up? You’re stuck doing it yourself AGAIN! Delegation does take up-front work and training, but it’s worth every penny (see tip #1!).

Tip #3: Acknowledge that it’s scary to let go, and do it anyway. I know your business is your baby, but you can’t keep working 60+ hour weeks forever without burning out. If you’re in this long-term, the BEST thing you can do is learn to let go so you can focus on the bigger picture. Start with something small, build trust with your team, and gradually delegate more.

Tip #4: Accept that you WILL hire the wrong person at some point. I hired someone who walked away with 90% of my clients, and I still went on to open multiple locations and build a multi-7-figure business — it happens to the best of us and it’s 100% worth the risk!

Tip #5: Shift your expectations. As business owners, we need to realize that NO ONE will do things exactly like you or be as invested in our business as we are…. And that’s okay. Just because someone might not do a job exactly like you would, doesn’t mean they can’t do a great job!

Now, here’s your homework assignment…

In your journal, on a piece of paper, or in a Google doc, make two lists.

In the first list, write down everything you LOVE doing in your business.

In the second list, write down everything you HATE doing in your business.

Then, take what you wrote down in the second list, and if they can’t be eliminated (or automated!), commit to delegating them.

What will you delegate in the next 30 days? The next quarter? The next 6-12 months? What about the next 12-24 months?

Date it and DO it!

When you get this right, it can be the difference between building a sustainable business or creating another JOB you need a vacation from.

Make it an amazing day,


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